Thursday, October 26, 2006

Phil Perkins version of the truth is a lie...

Phil Perkins version of the truth is a lie...

Here is the email I sent to the president of Yellowstone Baptist College concerning the lie and false rumor Phil Perkins is spreading about me that I was going to sue them...

Dear Mr. Shelton,

Would you be willing to meet with Mr. Perkins and myself sometime next week to see if we can resolve this crisis?

In Christ,
Bill Phillips

Stacy Stewart
Administrative Assistant
Yellowstone Baptist College
1515 S. Shiloh Road
Billings, MT 59106

-----Original Message-----From: iggy [] Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 8:49 AMTo: General mail boxSubject: lawsuit

Dear President Phillips,

Apparently it is being said I am planning on suing your college. That is a great falsehood. I have no plans in that. I am only asking you to do what is RIGHT and BIBLICAL in this situation and that is to ask Phil Perkins to stop slandering me and misquoting me and attacking me and my ministry.

It is not right for him to do as he has. He claims I am not doing as the bible says yet I have.

I have contacted you in private, or as privately as I am able.
I have had at least two other neutral parties to ask you to stop Phil in his sinning against me and the Body of Christ.

Phil has gone straight to the public with his judgments of me… before he even had the first communication from me. He raised accusations against me public ally and never gave me a true opportunity privately to even talk to him.

I am not or will not or have ever meant any ill will toward you or your college. I have always supposed that you are a fair man and are looking into this matter. I did have a real issue with your lack of communication.

All I am asking is and was is that for the sake of the Body of Christ, you ask Phil to stop his lies and mistreatment of the truth on this matter.

If this needs to go to a third party I recommend a man of great reputation in the area. Fred Nelson. He can let you know what he thinks of me.

I am saddened by this. Phil seems to think by spreading hate, he is doing something for the Kingdom… He accuses me of hate yet I have never said I have hated him. If he is a brother in Christ I only want reconciliation as the scripture calls for. For when two or more gather together Christ is there…. That is the true context of that verse… reconciliation…. I only want Jesus to be glorified in our midst.

I will add this. By impugning and my beliefs, which he as never truly represented, he is also impugning many of the finest churches who also are influenced by Emergent or emerging churches…. Such as Vern Streeter of Harvest, Faith Evangelical, Faith Chapel and that is the big three in town.

I see that Phil is not just harming me with his lies but all of these churches also since Harvest is mentions on the

Again, this is not just about me; it is about the Kingdom and bringing unity instead of division.

If nothing comes of this… I forgive you. I have already forgiven Phil Perkins.


Carlos Shelton (aka iggy)

I will make one correction on something i was wrong in this email. Harvest Church is not linked to I have though talked to Vern Streeter, the pastor and he said straight out he is "very much immersed" in postmodernism. The recent church plant from Harvest, Journey Church was the one that did have a link, though at this time they have a new web address and have not updated the one on

And again, I still and do forgive Phil... and yes I do read your blog... I even have been asked if I write it because people thought it was satire! Again, hate is not a Christian virtue Mr. Perkins... If anyone just does a search on this blog you will see how full of love Phil is... it is really sad. Your hate speech is why I banned you from this blog. I really do nto see how reading your blog is at all "DISHONESTY, HIPOCRISY, DECEPTION, OR UNDERHANDEDNESS?" (unless that is what you think ofthe people that read your blog?) I linked to your blog to show what you actually said, so that readers can actually read your own words and BLOGGER added a link to your site... not me. (I did notice you turned that feature off... without acknowledging that you did... makes me wonder...about the dishonesty, hipocrisy, decption and underhandedness stuff you claim.)

Also, I guess you did not really mean that you would debate me in any way or forum... this is a forum, I read what you wrote and debated it... so??? I guess you changed your mind??? Again, I don't really care at all what you believe or say about me, just don't keep lying that I threatedned to sue anyone. ... Ialso don't care because you don't know me and those that do... laugh at what you have said about me! My God will vindicate me... And already has in so many ways!

To me this is not personal... but he seems to think it is. I do not care what those who have called themselves to be self appointed watch dogs have to say about me.I am no longer amazed on how deep these people's hate can go, so I rest in Christ and continue to pray for them.


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