Thursday, October 26, 2006

Setting things straight that some seem bent to lie about

Setting things straight that some seem bent to lie about.

(Update: Even after pointing out that Phil was lying about John and myself, he continues to spread the lie that John was "losing his church". In fact the TRUTH is John is still going strong and has even expanded into a noew facility... but really Phil does not hold truth that important if he lies about people as he does. John 8:44 Jan 18, 2007)

I just finished talking to John O’Keefe of Ginkworld and of 247 connection in North Carolina.

In another blog it was stated that John was:

“Praise Part: When visiting earlier today to research Spencer Burke, I accidentally learned that O'Keefe, who glorifies homosexuality, Communism, the drug culture, and still wants to be respected as a Southern Baptist pastor, is looking to move back to California. He evidently is losing his church or something of that sort. Thank God for that.” Phil Perkins

I chatted with john a bit and had to ask him about this ( which is sad that someone would gloat over a churches failure!) Yet it is not so as usual from the source that stated this. In fact it is a bold face lie… If you really read (Wednesday, October 18) what John is saying it is not about "losing his church" rather it is about asking for prayer and options! It seems as while some will kick people while they are down, John is seeking the high road. John is not saying part of the why at all here on this blog John is seeking God's guidance and friendly advice... and what is wrong with that?

John is not “losing his church”. John is looking out for his congregation. In fact it is honorable what John is considering as many of the pastors I know would even consider stepping down. And for what reason is John “thinking” about stepping down?

iggy 14u: I hope that all is well there @247
iggy 14u: Been praying for you....
john okeefe: going ok - we are just so tight with funds, it might be better if they did not have to pay me
john okeefe: thanks
iggy 14u: Things have been going pretty good here since we hooked up with the Vineyard.
john okeefe: sweet
iggy 14u: I am on the leadership team as an intern...
john okeefe: very cool
iggy 14u: We are moving into our first building... next Wed.
john okeefe: very cool - so things are going great - sweet, that is good to hear
iggy 14u: Hey, I heard the rumor from someone "gloating" over your "failure"... It just made me angry...
iggy 14u: I wanted to know from the source...
iggy 14u: I hope all works out there as, but i know that if God moves you back it is in His will and timing... not your critics!
john okeefe: lol - no failure at all just thinking about what is best for this community of faith -

I think the last statement speaks volumes to the integrity of the man.

It seems Phil Perkins is loose and a bit creative with facts… and quick to judge something then write about what he does not even really grasp…

I am not out to get Phil, I just am standing up for a friend, who grasps the love of Jesus and is praying about making the best choice for the flock God has given him. This is not failure… it is picture of sacrificial love a picture of Jesus.

As I read over Phil’s blog, I wonder… does he ever pray for any of us? Or is he just happy to spread rumors and slander… I won’t judge his heart, but I have my doubts.

On the other side I have always found John O’Keefe one who uplifts and edifies others. He has always been there for me as a friend…


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