Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dan Kimball responds to his critics

At CRNinfo Dan Kimball responded to his critics... again...

Read it hear.

Note in the comments the ever gracious Ken Silva states:

"So it’s all quite vague to me when there are no clear answers forthcoming as to how this fits into what Dr. Walter Martin so often called the historic orthodox Christian Church."

It seems no matter what or how detailed the "orthodox"definition an emerging person is... it never satisfied "the Ken".



Rick Frueh said...

Let me add, as one who does not embrace much of the emrgent movement, that was as gracious a reply and as informative a comment as I have seen. For Kimball to go the extra mile was Christlike and when held up against the tone of others it shines.

JP said...

iggy, long time no talk to brother. I give you credit for going over to that site and attempt a dialogue with him. All you see over there by that gang is name calling, finger pointing, and character assasination. No matter what anyone says, they are set in their ways. They should surely repent.