Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What the heck does this even mean?

I am often accused of this... and have not one clue as to what it means!


I affirm all sound doctrine flows from Christ Jesus... so how am I ""anti-doctrinal-Christian" which means absolutely nothing to me! LOL! It is right up there with the accusation of... believing that "no-doctrine-doctrine" again, what does that even mean?

If one states they are against "man-made doctrine" and state that they are not, but are for "sound doctrine" I think that the person stating the accusation need be aware that they are bearing false witness...

Which I do forgive them of... regardless to their acceptance of being actually "wrong". (That will get a comment I guarantee!)


It has been a very strange and wonderful day, Jesus is still and always Good! = )

Be Blessed,

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