Monday, August 06, 2007

SOLA FIDE (Faith Alone) pt 2

SOLA FIDE (Faith Alone)

Justification is by grace alone through faith alone because of Christ alone. In justification Christ's righteousness is imputed to us as the only possible satisfaction of God's perfect justice.

We deny that justification rests on any merit to be found in us, or upon the grounds of an infusion of Christ's righteousness in us, or that an institution claiming to be a church that denies or condemns sola fide can be recognized as a legitimate church.

Of all the topics say that of the Person of Jesus Christ Grace is by far my favorite. Yet, within that very statement I cannot escape that Jesus Christ is the embodiment of Grace itself if not the very Personification of Grace manifest. (That sounds rather pious and highfalutin yet I am a bit without vocabulary to unpack that as I desire).

Grace is taught by some to be in types… Common and special Grace. They claim that there is one grace that God has for creation that basically cares for it… and the other is the Grace that saves… To that I say bull-pucky!

There is but one Grace, and that Grace is Our Lord and Savior. It was through Him that all creation came. Jesus being full of Grace and truth was the very filter through all creation passed that made all things “good”. Grace abounded in all things as God was to be known in the very creation itself as the first chapter of Romans tells us. But it was man who choosing to worship creation instead of the Creator that we see that even in this perversion, Grace abounded as God, who is Holy and Just, showed mercy instead and let these fallen creatures live though they deserved swift punishment.

God is perfectly Just and in that could have uncreated all things as easy as He spoke it all into existence.

Grace was there before creation for Jesus being full of grace and truth was in the Father before all creation and Grace will be forever as God is eternal.

To divide Grace into “parts” misses that there is a flow and unity that comes from the very first spoken words of God, which were the first “words” of the conversation that would begin full of grace and truth as God spoke the things of creation into existence, and it is even now that Grace holds back the wrath of God for it is by Christ we are saved.

As we come to Jesus and are placed into His Body, we are then immersed in His Grace and Truth and in that are filled and overflowing with His Grace. We define mercy as not getting what we deserve and Grace as getting what we do not deserve, yet that is just a thimble of the reality that grace is. It is a great place to start, yet in its fullness Grace is yet to be realized until the Resurrection and all are set to right, and then Jesus hands all things back to the Father, and God is all in all…
The Bible teaches us that it is by Grace through faith that we are saved not of works that any man should boast. It is that we realize that we are beyond the scope to be so filled with the rightness of God, that we too flow with Grace and truth and need to be rescued from our very selves.

We must see that without God’s grace we are unable to satisfy our own desires, let alone satisfy all the holiness needed to be accepted by God as His equal, for that is the desire of the fallen man, that he be equal with the One who created him. A man must find that he is bankrupt of all hope in himself to save himself, and now, put all hope into One who has fulfilled all that God required to please Him… His Son, Jesus Christ. We have but one faith, and that is in the Hope Who is Jesus Christ who died, was buried, rose again and ascended to the Father and now sits in Glory and mediates all things on our behalf.

May the Grace of God overflow and overwhelm you today!


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