Thursday, February 01, 2007

More Sloppy research and lack of Grace by over Bible Book store selling porn story

I came across an article on worldnetdaily that was claiming a Christian book store was selling porn.

I read the article and check the links given and did not find as the article stated... in fact I found a couple of errors in the article that was really poor research.

One link was purported to be from the Christian Heritage Bookstore website, in which when you searched their book search was found:

"Because among the items featured at the "Christian Heritage Bookstore" along with 14-karat gold cross earrings and the like are the X-rated "Playboy: X Mates, Vol. 1 – BMX/Wakeboards," and an adult 4-pack of "classics" titled "Debbie Does Dallas," "Deep Throat," "Behind the Green Door," and "The Devil in Miss Jones."

Now I did their search engine and did not find these items at all....

So my first question is this... Why would Mr Bob Unruh even be searching for these items on a christian website? I won't speculate too much, but it does seem a little... strange...

I cut and pasted the name of the accused and did find a little ma and pa store in back east which was close and low and behold they were selling smut!

I gave them a call to let them know what was happening and they were a bit shocked so I am not supplying a link as I think it better to talk to them and then let them work it out before I would go out and "expose" them to get titilizing gossip, err I mean news. In fact as I suspected, they were linked to for their search engine...

Now, before we go too much further, we must remember that there are many search engines out there and some are closed systems and some are more open... sells all sorts of books as well also Barns and Noble and Borders and so on and so on... and doing a search you will find things that are not appropriate (again, why would one be searching for these things anyway?)

So just because a little ma and pa store's search engine had "porn" show up, does not mean they endorse it or are pushing it... in fact these poor people did not even know that this is happening and were mortified.

So, even if the Christian Heritage Bookstore website, noticed this, you would think that worldnetdaily would give an update and say, "good job"... but that would take effort and actually caring about the people they have possibly caused harm too.

I find it really sad that people will first expose the other before they actually take Biblical steps to address the person. Funny thing is I typed "porn" in Worldnetdaily's search engine... and accessed "Results 1 - 10 of about 86,200,000 for porn. (0.08 seconds)". So the question is who is really pushing the porn? (grin). ( Of course I am using the style of "research" that they seem to use on others.)


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