Monday, February 05, 2007

Eternity... Vote for your destination

Eternity Poll
Where will you spend eternity

After your vote is done read this.

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rick said...

Yep - typical Arminian ...

;- )

iggy said...


I drive them nuts too!

You see though I hold to "free will" I see that there is a point that one is "sealed" by the holy spirit... this has nothing to do with works, rather more in the further growing in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus... and that one responds with submission to God. It is rather hard to explain on one level, yet I see it as replacing one's free will with trusting love and receiving the faithfulness of God knowing He will finish the work He started, if God does not then He is a liar... and I do not believe God is a liar.

Arminian in my heritage, I will admit, yet I am of the mindset of the "exchanged life" Christ's Life for my life (or rather death). I am most in line with Maj Ian Thomas, Bob George and with a whole lot of N.T. Wright thrown in...