Thursday, February 15, 2007

repentance is very much misunderstood

In my studies I find that repentance is very much misunderstood. .. it is simple the idea that one is going one direction then turns around and goes the other... a giant Uturn.

The idea that one MUST be sorry for their sin can be a sign of repentance, yet so can great joy and thankfulness! To me the idea one MUST feel sorry for their sins and then try to stop sinning is also a misrepresentation of the idea. For it seems that the main point forgotten is that Jesus TOOK away our sins and God does not see us by our sins. He than gives HIS LIFE to us in which we LIVE through Him... in doing that there is no TRY, but that as we are in CHRIST, and there is not sin IN CHRIST ... we are now as a Christian sinless...

We are walking in re-newness of Life as a New Creation. We may still sin in behavior, yet God deals with us as Sons Whom He loves and never as sinners.

I also see that in the technical terms... repentance is a one time event... (not to be confused with confession) I see that repentance is entering the light... and all we do as a Child of God even sin, is all done in the light.

Confession is more than telling God your sorry... but is agreeing that God is right... and also that we must also do all we can to set things right between yourself and others... to bring peace which is the ministry of reconciliation.

I know many will not "get" what I just said, or will and go and tell me I am wrong... but the huge breakthrough in my life was when instead of "repenting", I began to thank God for forgiving me... I felt at first it was a bit presumptious, yet as I did healing was there. I found that God was not angry with my sin, but wanted me to trust in his forgivness.


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