Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Heart on God's Grace...

It is very hard to explain in some ways... to try in words seems to come up short as Grace to me is an intimate intertwining with the Person of Jesus.

I know much of what i say will sound very close to the "traditional" view many here are in a sense trying to recover/run from/overcome/ straighten out, yet... there are many things I see that many accept as "Christian" that has nothing to do with Christianity as I have grown to understand it.

I also know that many of my readers will also view me as very much outside the mainstream... in fact you use some very poignant terms of endearment towards me... (grin)

My view of Grace is much in tune with Maj Ian Thomas or Norman Grubb... in fact I am amazed as there are more and more people like me who seem to pop up. There is a certain kinship that is shared with "us" (for lack of a better term) who have been touched by grace in this way. I think that many are entering the emerging conversation have been touched by grace and see that the idea of the wrathful God... who hates sinners, is rather repugnant. God loves people and hates sin... there is a vast difference from hating "sinners"... for if God hates sinners, He would not have "loved" the world so much to send His Son...

I have lost friends, position and have left churches (willfully and by strong suggestion) over this view of Grace... I have been attacked and told i am not saved. Then on top of that... add in the emerging church with all it color and diversity and how much the fundamentalist mindset hates us all... so often hate seems often compounded on me.

I think God views us as children... in fact not just any children... but His very own Sons and Daughters...

My son and daughter are incredible.. . my son likes to pray along with daddy... he will say every other word i say as i pray... and both shout AMEN!!!! even when it is just Grace at dinner... even at restaurants. .. and I laugh at that their wonderful innocence and wonder, "why can't I just do that?" "Why do I feel like doing that on the inside yet hold back?" I want to shout out in pure ecstatic joy of the Love and Mercy and Grace of My awesome God!!!!! I want to learn from them to be a child again.

Repentance is turning from death to life... it is not just about feeling sorry... I felt shame and sorrow for years AS A CHRISTIAN... and until i began to trust... only then did the shame fall away... and sorrow turned to laughter. Emotions play a part, but just feeling sorry for our sins is not repentance. Many seem only sorry they are caught... yet if they could would never change anything about themselves.

We all fail... yet that is the point... we are not perfect... that is not our job to be... if we could be then there is no need for God. God's job is to be perfect and we are trust in His perfection and seek His perfect knowledge... and live in His perfect Love.

All my love in Christ!!!!


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