Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cool and weird around the web

First the weird... which is also a little disturbing...

Date rape drug found in children's toys... I was going to snope this...

"Scientists say a chemical coating on the beads, when ingested, metabolizes into the so-called date rape drug gamma hydroxy butyrate. When eaten, the compound _ made from common and easily available ingredients _ can induce unconsciousness, seizures, drowsiness, coma and death." Source.

News of the Weird reported this:

As several sightings were made around Washington, D.C., of dragonfly-looking bugs hovering in the air at political events, government agencies were denying that they had released any tiny surveillance robots, according to an October Washington Post investigation. "I look up and I'm like, 'What the hell is that?'" asked a college student at an antiwar rally in Washington. "They looked kind of like dragonflies or little helicopters. But ... those are not insects." Several agencies and private entities admitted to the Post that they were trying to develop such devices, but no one took credit for having them in the air yet. [Washington Post, 10-9-07]

I was skeptical... until I saw this article on the Washington Post site!

I just thought I might beat my friends at the Online Discernment Ministries to the punch on this one and point out it is NOT an emerging church... LOL! This guy needed to make a call and wanted to make it from church... but he was not calling home.

Now the weirdest thing today was that I found I agreed with Ingrid on something!

"Then I get a news story sent me that fundamentalist king pin Dr. Bob Jones III has endorsed the Mormon with pro-gay, pro-abortion leanings. Why?"

And now the cool... David Crowder 24/7 streaming live...

Well, I was a bit bored when I went there but check it out it might be cool when you go!


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Free Believers in Arizona said...

The other day I was talking about our government spying and mentioned flying bugs. I said I wonder if anyone has invented a spying bug that flies. The co-workers/friends I was speaking with said they did not think it was possible. Then today I stumble upon the cool article you posted.

After my lunch break I am going to show my co-workers/friends.

On a serious note I wonder if our government is planning a military coup? Google the term "fema camps". When you consider the police, the military, the coast guard and other security agencies merging under the dept of homeland security, future martial law seems possible.

iggy said...


I am one of the most non conspiracy guys out there... to be totally honest... that is why this whole "bug" thing sounded so out there... but then I read it and saw the picture and wondered if the Republicans really were spying on the Democrats... which is stupid to me... Dems are pretty open on what they stand for.

Now, part of the reason i am not into conspiracies is that I have had too many close relatives who are. One on his death bed spoke of All Gore being a clone as the real one is being held under the White house... and looking back at how much his policies have changed... I might agree with that. Yet, that to me is... a bit... far fetched...

Now, is there possible a military coup developing? Man, only if Hillary gets in office! LOL!

Actually I would laugh as the religious right often blames the problems we face on the sins of the Democrats... so if Hillary gets in, are the Religious Right leaders getting judged for not doing anything while in power?

Just more to ponder... and if the Military does pull a coup, I hope they do it quietly as it might disturb us patriots from our sleep...

Be blessed,

Free Believers in Arizona said...

If you read my blog you will also see that I do not ever write about conspiracies. It just happened that yesterday someone on the radio mentioned all the fema camps being built and I thought it was interesting.

I for one am not voting for Hillary Clinton because in my eyes she is no better then a right winger. She is no different then Pat Robertson who believes it is more important to win then to stick to his values.

Like politicians many popular preachers think being right is more important then the truth. For instance the book of Revelations is a historical book written about events of that day and age. The 7 churches of Revelations were real churches being addressed. Once a Pastor takes a premillenial view it is like pulling teeth to get him to admit he is wrong. Mathew 24:34

Or like when Jesus said some of you will not taste death until you see the son of man coming.

Hal Lindsey is quite a conspiracy theorist.

iggy said...


I didn't mean to imply you were... I just laugh at myself as I say i am not.... then I read about these bugs and go, "now that is not true... no one is spying on the Democrats..." then I find that these "bugs" exist and think... hmmm maybe they are... and I wonder what else I don't believe and is happening! I know it sounds contradicting...

I think if I was a follower of Jesus I would be into them... I used to love Bigfoot and the Loch ness monster... and UFOs and freaks... yep really related to them... the freak that is! LOL!

I just see it hard to believe that our own gov't would crash into the world trade center... or that reptilians are running the world...

Though I do think there is something of multidimensional beings that are doing some weird stuff out there...

Be blessed,