Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Irony of Steve Camp calling for an apology from Mark Driscoll

Steve Camp "publicly" called for an apology at Justin Taylor's site:


I am addressing this here publicly to you for you made a derogatory comment about it this past Sunday publicly and indirectly about Timmy's character and person. What made it very ironic, was that your sarcasm directed specifically to this brother's question was in the context of a sermon on humility, the incarnation, humiliation, and coronation of Jesus Christ in your Philippians series. You confessed to your church body about the need in your own life for humility and the subsequent pride that has infected others (some men you mentioned) and that it has in turn hurt the church. "

Now the irony is that "Timmy" does not seem to be so "offended" as Steve Camp is. So, it seems that it is Steve who has a beef against Mark than any need for an apology.

Again, Steve finds no issue in slandering "publicly" Mark Driscoll in stating he offended a brother and harmed the body of Christ, when the so call offended one is not even offended...

So again I call Steve to publicly repent of his own slander and false accusations against his brother Mark and harming the Body of Christ by his actions.

For more about this issue here is more.

And how is this different from this CCM event except that Steve is putting on the cruise himself? I see no difference in the two except one person getting more profit and emulating the world under the guise of living a "worship centered life". Personally, I see that is not the same as a Christ centered life...

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