Monday, November 26, 2007

Yikes... stupid computers

Sometimes I hate computers. At least when they decide to go belly up and destroy things like family photos and other things one cherishes.
Now, I finally have the computer up and running but still have no sound. From what I gather this is a common issue, yet having done all the things everyone on the Internet suggested, I still have no sound.
Also, I am still trying to gather funds to send the books and teaching materials... I need $184 to send the materials to Mauritius... so if you want to help click the paypal link and help out with what you can...
Now, with all this I am also very short handed at work and have been working nights and days... and am a bit out of sorts... but I think things have worked out a bit for this week.
All said, God has been reminding me of His Sabbath Rest... Jesus.

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