Sunday, November 18, 2007

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Under two birds with one stone:

Robbymac tells us Emerging Grace has moved to wordpress and is now Kingdom Grace, so you will need to update your links. (I am still here at blogger after many experiments... I wonder if I will be the last hold out!)

Under our buy one you get two sale:
Fellow blogger user and Vineyard guy, (not to mention one of my favorite Calvinists... and I am not kidding), Rick Ianniello has two posts one on prophecy is not preaching and in the other he goes retro cool on us with Larry Norman.

More on preaching department:

Out of Ur has an interesting article if you preach with Preaching to Express, not Impress.

Under the I have not read that one yet... but he has department:

Scott at Theopraxis has an article on Brian McLaren's book Everything Must Change and shares his thoughts on it.

Under the personal thoughts and open to discussion department:

Dan Kimball has an post where he talks on his view of hell a bit. And I agree that we should talk a bit more about it.
Oh that picture is by Matthew Hurst who has been mapping the blogosphere... I thought it was pretty cool.

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rick said...

Thanks for the shout out ... as a side note, a Vineyard friend of mine met Larry Norman many years ago. Knowing Larry had Vineyard ties he asked Larry if he was familiar with the Vineyard. Larry replied, "yeah, I started it."

Who knew!?!?

Mike Messerli said...


there is so much being said about emergent thought, and yet it doesn't address the real need of the body of Christ. one of my fellow pastors advocates we start a new movement- convergence...the bringing of all together into one body encouraging and supporting one another. i like that idea...think i will help him push it...the next wave- convergent theology. what do you think?

iggy said...


I do understand what you are saying as far as "doesn't address the body of Christ"...

Yet, I often wonder that if this is only the periphery... as I seem to see that there are many things addressed that are needed by the body... I think the problem is so many are stating so many falsehoods that even though there are issues it is hard to see the real issues from the slander... that it truly confuses the real issues and clouds the truth that is needed.

I will also add that I do not and never thought that "emergent/emerging" would last forever... so to say. I see that there is a time that something emerging, emerges! LOL!

So, I do see that there will other streams that will come out as there are already at least 5 different ones already.

Now, actually the idea of convergence theology, sounds a lot like what I am looking at with performatism... it is taking all the individual and incorporating them with a purpose into the larger whole... and all are a reflection of that whole.

In a way that is what I see already happening.

I have always viewed my being placed in this whole mess was to bring to the disillusioned the exchanged life and to keep focused on the Life of Christ instead of just trying to "do church different".