Monday, July 23, 2007

Banned for standing on Truth of Scripture.

First I was banned at for pointing out that Jim Bublitz knew nothing of the emerging church and lies about it... (BTW I really don't care about being banned from there as there was some really mean people there).

Now I have been threatened from Tony Rose to be banned at His blog for stating that Jesus is not "just absolute truth" and standing on the Bible' teaching of Jesus being The Truth.

It seems that truth means nothing for all their talk.

A bit of an update here as Tony Rose came here to dialog over the topic of objective truth...
You can read his comments and my response here.

UPDATE: This was posted on Tony Rose' comments.

"Iggy I have no idea what you even mean by Jesus being “just an abstract thought.” I’ve never said that and don’t even know what you mean by it, or by claiming that I have said it.
Jesus is certainly not just an abstract thought, whatever you mean by that.

As I keep stating even though he agrees with me, I am still wrong.
Beware false teachers.



Anonymous said...

But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. - Matthew 12:36

Anonymous said...


I didn't say I would block you for standing up for truth, but for lying about what I said and calling me names. Your opinions are always welcome, your accusations and name calling will not be tolerated.


iggy said...


Really i am tired of this. You stated that you were going to ban me... I was only stating that Jesus is not “just absolute truth" as you and your friend assert. In fact you have yet to answer my questions...

Is Jesus just an "abstract thought" as you are asserting according to the definition of "absolute truth".

It seems that you avoid this question and do not want to answer ti as if you do then you will be in agreement with me that Jesus is much more that an abstract thought.

Yet, by holding to that assertion you are holding to a form of Gnosticism that states that abstract thought is of higher reality than finite truth... this is Platonist dualism and is heresy.

So what is it you DO believe, the truth of the Bible or Plato’s dualistic Gnosticism?

And btw your name calling accusations are way out of line compared to the nasty things you have said to me.

Be Blessed,

Anonymous said...

Whatever Iggy.

iggy said...


I told you straight out that there were things that were lies on your blog concerning emerging/emergents...

and you just called me a liar and told me to get psychological help...

If you do not care for truth I am sad for you... and I pray for you...

I hope for the best for you in Chirst Jesus.


iggy said...


the best laugh I had was this...

"I didn't say I would block you for standing up for truth, but for lying about what I said and calling me names. Your opinions are always welcome, your accusations and name calling will not be tolerated."

again i never stated you said you were going to block me for standing on truth... But i was doing that and you threatened to ban me... so let's get the story straight...


Also, you came at me with name calling and accusations as that was what the original post was all about. As i stated I tried to let you know that you were spreading lies... and you took that offensive and refused to even listen to me on things... I tried to correct certain things that are stated as fact that are not... and you took offense.

So the real issue is why do you not care for hearing the truth when presented...

Oh yeah, your answer is...

"Whatever iggy."

To let you know you can post, but really without an apology for how you have treated me i will not dialog with you anymore.

be blessed,

Anonymous said...

I'm to apologize to you?

You really live in an alternate world of reality don't you?

Anyone who wants to know the truth about our dialogs can read for themselves.


and here:

I have no need to defend myself.


iggy said...

Dear reader,

I already had those links in the original post...

i am sure that people will see that I had to defend myself from Tony and from his friends. Instead of answering questions i was just told I need psychological help...

Now as I continue this I realize I might as I am not sure why I am letting tony continue to abuse me. LOL!

Be Blessed and beware of these people who claim a form of godliness but deny its power. They have a divisive Spirit which cares little for the ministry of reconciliation.