Thursday, July 19, 2007

John MacArthur and Kenneth Nally

Rev. MACARTHUR: "I don't think we went wrong at all. We have absolutely no regrets. My regret is that Ken Nally took his life."

BETTY ROLLIN: Kenneth Nally was 24 years old and living with his family in Southern California when he put a gun to his head and shot himself to death. Kenneth was a devout member of the Grace Community Church in suburban Los Angeles, and when he began to suffer from what turned out to be clinical depression, he sought help from one of the church counselors. Kenneth's parents to this day blame the church for their son's suicide. They say the counselor, who had no training in psychology and provided only Bible-based advice, seemed not to comprehend the seriousness of Kenneth's condition.

Here is the story of John MacArthurs "absolutely no regrets."
Here is the story of John MacArthurs "absolutely no regrets."

The only comment I will make is that this is the type of people that I run into from John MacArthur... they abuse others and "absolutely have no regrets". It seems that John is just fine having contributed to this persons death. Though he regrets Ken Nalley shot himself. (Talk about double speak!)

It was really sick as John started the spin on this case that God's Word was on trial... yet truly it was a case of bad judgment and careless words that caused a 24 year old boy to point a gun to his head and pull the trigger.

It was never God's Word on trial... It was a person who claims to love Jesus, but "has absolutely no regrets" in contributing to another persons death.

Beware of false teachers.



rick said...

This is a horrible and sad situation. While I empathize with the family, I don't believe suing the church is proper. But more significant, MacArthur's comment is shocking! No regrets except that Nally took his life?!?!

Unbelievable! I wonder if he felt pressed to say that for legal reasons?

Either way, your analysis is right on.

iggy said...


I had never heard of this story until last night when I was surfing around a bit.

I do think that JM was saying things because of lawyers... which then brings up another point.

Why did he get lawyers to protect the Word of God?

Now, I am not meaning to be a legalist, but for all his biblical knowledge and allegations against others for not being "biblical" it seems I find him missing the simplest of verses and teachings, like:

Matthew 10:18-20 On my account you will be brought before governors and kings as witnesses to them and to the Gentiles. But when they arrest you, do not worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given what to say, for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.

Now, granted JM was not arrested, yet he is stating that God's Word was in a sense arrested and put on trial, and he used lawyers to defend it. This implies that nothing was done wrong. JM hid behind lawyers and used to the Bible to do it.

Now, in their defense they claim to have told Nally to get help... but still to state that one will got to heaven if they kill themselves and not go into it deeper with follow through is disturbing. It seems that even at best JM showed a lack of true caring toward this person and family. (which seems to be symptomatic of those I find follow JM as I have interacted with them.)

All told it was and is a sad story.


ecp said...

Jesus always addressed peoples' problems first. He didn't read them scripture. I think the issue here is actually loving people.

MacArthur's comments seem cold. Nally's counselor's response seems cold. A little love goes a long way.

Like you said, I've had nothing but bad experiences with people associated with MacArthur (and his church and seminary).

I don't know. It just make me angry.

iggy said...


It does seem that love is what is the missing ingredient.

When the focus is all about "me getting saved and not going to hell". I find it rather sad when the people I hang with believe in loving others into the Kingdom and seeing them restored to God... It is not about "me" as they seem to claim about my friends... it is all about The Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ and being a part of that Glory. It is all about God.


Micah said...

iggy... your comments on this story are based on your just recently reading this article? You have no real idea what went on in this case except what PBS (noted for its LOVE of Christianity) has to say? Am I getting this right?

iggy said...


I read that one and a few others... I figured the most noted one is the PBS link so used it...

they all seemed to state the same facts.

Now, the focus was on the comments... and the coulbe speak that is common with JM and his followers.

Do you think that JM's spinning this and using lawyers to protect God's word even sounds biblical?

I think that an apology and that being more careful would have made the difference in this boys life.

Do you think JM's statements are out of kindness or out of being prompted by lawyers?

To say the least this was just sad...

I hope you at least agree with that.


Pozvan! said...

JM was forced to get lawyers because the parents sued the church on a civil court. Wouldn't you hire a lawyer if you were being sued?

Your interpretation of Matt 10 is faulty.

Also, the word of God WAS on trial here. You really think that "professional psychologists" (atheistic heathens who treat people as animals) would be able to help Nat better that the counselors at GCC could?

iggy said...

The word of God was not on trial unless you believe it is without compassion to those who have depression and are suicidal. That is rather sad if you believe that way.

Yes, I believe that in this case a psychologist would have handled this much better and possibly have saved Kenneth Mally's life...

I also see this as the fruit of MacArthur's ministry... rotten and dangerous... and without compassion...

God's word is not without compassion and Jesus never turned someone away who needed help like John MacArthur did in this instance. Then to state he has "no regrets" over the death of someone? How sick is that?

Sadly, I know many great psychologists who do not treat people like animals but treat them as people and with great compassion... likewise I know of many pastors who treat people like livestock and bank accounts and have no compassion at all... they are more concerned at selling books that tell lies aobut others than preaching the truth.

Bill Brown said...

With all due respect, sir, you don't know the entirety of the case. Are you aware that Nally actually WAS under the care of a psychiatrist? Furthermore, it only takes the first page of a Google search to turn up the fact that the kid's parents found him after an overdose of Elavil in March, and he killed himself on April 1 with a shotgun. In 1985, his father testified that had they known their son was suicidal they would have committed him. Yet what came out in March 1979 was that the kid told his parents he had tried it before.

A ten second Google would have told you that yet rather than find out the facts you use your blog to smear somebody because of what he allegedly said in an edited interview. If these are the standards you wish to practice then perhaps readers of this blog should be given a "shallow research" warning before reading.

iggy said...


With all due respect, you missed the main point of the post...