Saturday, July 28, 2007

Emerging sense of Humor, and its dignity.

In response to Phil Johnson's over the top slanderous posters... (we do have a sense of humor but Phil's take on this seems more judgmental than actually constructive) Emerging Grace submits these much more accurate and beautiful posters to all.

Be Blessed,

(July 28 11:05 a bit of an update and thought on the Phil Johnson's posters:

As I took a look at them I realized that many were actually what I have encountered from John MacAruthurites. Interestingly the one that "Truth" where Phil's byline is,

"It's an adventure, not an axiom. A story still unfolding, not a tale already told. It's the journey that counts, not the destination, Right?"

And the more accurate version at emerging grace that simply states:

"Plain and simple; Jesus is the Truth"

I think the most revealing thing is how Phil views "transparency":

"Underneath the mask I am still a clown, just a lot meaner and scarier than you thought."

and once again, from emerging grace:

"Willing to take off the mask, no more hiding."

To me as well as the contrast on authenticity as Phil stating that one does not have to hide being "crazy" and emerging Graces "We are all broken eikons"... I see that the truth comes out about Lordship theology. You simply cannot be a real person but must hide behind a mask so no one will see the real you and judge you... in almost all these posters by Phil I think reveal his heart and the heart of the theology he is under [Not the Calvinism btw as there are many loving Calvinists.] It is a bit scary to think that this act of aggression is also mostly projection of his own beliefs.)


david rudd said...


there is a subtle theme to the posters that i noticed earlier today. the "grace" posters all demonstrate the missional (or outward) focus of these "emerging" words.

the "other" posters all paint the "emergents" as narcissistic, self-indulgent dopes. ironically, i'm not sure that the creator of these posters can even comprehend that words like "relevant", "conversation", and "community" are about others; not about me...

interestingly, this would reflect the very modern, fundamentalist, evangelical idea of PERSONAL salvation, as opposed to the more biblical concept of being saved into a body....

just thinking'

iggy said...



I have put a little thought into the differences and have read a lot of the criticism of people like Brian McLaren. I am first and foremost one to say that I do not agree with Brian on somethings, yet have yet to find intelligent criticism that accurately critiques his views...

I have found that people say he denies "personal salvation" yet miss that he is not stating that at all... in fact he is saying it is that but more!

I think the issue is that some deny that there is more THAN our own personal salvation and others who view Christianity as only our OWN PERSONAL salvation.

I agree with your assessment as when I hear John MacArthur state that the "Kingdom of God is only spiritual now." and that the focus is on "ME' getting saved, I wonder at the thought that God never came to live in my pathetic little life, but to give me HIS LIFE ETERNAL. Jesus did not come to live in my little kingdom, but to place me into His Kingdom... and if one denies that God's Kingdom is not "now" then there is a grave issue in the perspective one has concerning their salvation...

I learned many years ago before I even heard of "emerging" that we are "baptised into Chirst" meaning we are immersed or placed into His Body... which is another way of speaking of God's Kingdom. If one denies this, they then are left with only a self serving gospel that gets them saved which is based on rugged individualism instead of belonging to a community of believers... we have Christians that think they have arrived and need to do nothing until Jesus returns in wrathful vengeance and judges all and take them out to heaven...

It is an actual perversion of the Great salvation we have in Jesus.

Be Blessed,