Monday, July 16, 2007

Great Monday Morning Insight Article

This is a bit more on this so called "truth war"... I see it is really a modern day witch hunt. Which we have come to realize that mostly was not about actual witches but about "keeping the faith pure" as per one's preferences. It is also more about whether the Kingdom of God is as taught by these "crusaders" was "Here, the gone, the to come" or as Jesus described it, like a women who adds yeast to dough and the dough rises as the yeast spreads.
It is about whether the Kingdom came with Jesus and is still here and will come to it fullness at His return, or that it came with Jesus then left with Jesus, then will come again... This seems to deny that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit. Yet now in this attack over "truth" it seems that some stoop to lies and falsehoods and fanciful stories to preserve their so called "truth".

Todd Rhoads states:

"I rarely, rarely ever try to specifically talk about someone in a negative light, and I hope this isn’t negative against a person, but about their opinions. I received from a friend a mass letter going out to supporters of national radio preaching ministry. He sent it to me to read since the whole letter was about “the emerging church”.

I was really dismayed and saddened to read this letter he sent out. It was a fund raising letter for his radio ministry which I went on his radio ministry blog and found that my name was actually listed in his list of who he sees as emerging church leaders. So this became personal, since he mentions me on his radio blog and also raised my interest more in what he was saying in the letter.

Unfortunately, what I read in the letter was, in my opinion, hyper-exaggerations with nothing listed or a specific emerging church cited to back up his claims (at least in this letter). If I was a radio listener and didn’t know what the emerging church was about, after reading the letter I certainly would have my fear raised to find out how to avoid them as the letter says they are a “threat” and “the danger is real”. Many of the descriptions in the letter of “the emerging church” were ones that I commonly hear over and over again and most of them are much like a stereotyped cartoon caricature. Sadly, for the grandparents and parents and all those reading this letter, this stereotype is all they end up hearing which then forms their opinions. Let me show some examples of what he wrote in this letter:"

You will have to read the rest here.


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