Thursday, July 26, 2007

Everyone has bad theology

I find it interesting that some are quick to condemn others, yet even when someone shows hey believe on Jesus, they still find a way to say others are not saved...

I think it also interesting that many other groups are not vilified as them yet have some pretty bad theology behind their "saved by grace through faith".

A Calvinist has a different view than a Quaker, a Baptist has a different view than a Lutheran, and an Assembly of God person different from an evangelical... and so on all have a bit of a different take on the topic.

Yet, we seem to not accept who we think is the worse when in the end John states that the two things that are the "commandments" are, "Believe in Jesus, and love one another"...

It seems that only because other groups in the early church began to claim and add other teachings... as in the Gnostic, that the Christian church began adding other "qualifiers"... none of which make a person saved or not, but are there to help identify one who is an authentic believer in Jesus. They were road markers to show that one is on the right road, but they are not spots that prove one is saved... that is a logical leap.

We seemed to have added to the teachings of what it takes to become a Christian. We seemed to miss that though these road markers are there to show us direction that one does not need to fully believe and understand these to be saved. It is as if we are asking some to become theologians before they can get saved... yet then we turn around and just say, “You need to accept Jesus into your heart.

Now even that is technically wrong! Jesus does not come to live in the kingdom or our hearts; He came to bring our hearts into His Kingdom! He did not come to live and dwell in our pathetic little lives; He came to give us New Life... His Life... and make us New Creations... we did not give our life to Jesus, we had no life as the bible teaches... we gave our death to Jesus or rather we acknowledged our death and turned to Jesus to receive His Life Eternal.

Yet, we speak and act and teach and promote unbiblical ideas every day... and then turn and condemn other for doing the same thing.

There is a big difference between one who promotes another Jesus... and one who believes on Jesus of the bible for salvation... and there seems to be a huge lack of understanding and trust of the Holy Spirit in how a person need grow in Christ.

Yet, some seem to think that what they believe is without flaw. I have run into some that that are so with out love of others that they are nothing but banging gongs and crashing cymbals in their defense of their belief. Yet, saying that, it seems to be almost an insult to those fine instruments. It seems best to me to do as the bible teaches... and that is to love one another... and that is by giving away the Grace and Mercy and Love... and administering Justice, which is not all attached to God's wrath, but is what can set captives free literally. I see that if these things are overlooked, then we are doing things in the flesh and are no different than this world. These are the things that are the markers of a true believer.


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