Sunday, April 15, 2007

Finding new people linking to me...

Finding new people linking to me... is like finding a treasure... i am always amazed when I find people that do that... in fact i am amazed that anyone links to me! LOL!

Sometimes I am honored and then horrifed as I have a huge respect for many of you who link to me... so i shudder a bit and wonder if I am posting anything of real quality.

Recently i found out that Jon Trott of JPUSA has linked to me... He is one of the reporters from Cornerstone magazine who broke open the story of Mike Warnke and Lauren Stratford being fraudualant...

As awful as I feel about it, I was crushed to read the stories as i was a huge fan of Mike Warnke... yet... what he did was not right as lying is not the best way to evangelize other to come to Christ.

It is an honor Jon to have your link. I really recommend checking his blog out.

I also recently have started a new blog that has been getting a ton of attention... I have had links from Tony Jones and a few others. Watching the Watchdawgies For Christ is not even a blog i want to do... in fact I feel like I am babysitting. I just felt tired of watching some act like schoolyard bullies who lie about many of my friends... and I guess i have some issues to work out against schoolyard bullies. LOL!

So, if you have anything to contribute to the WtWFC blog feel free to contact me. Mostly I am watching Christian Research Network.. and Apprising ministries (those links will garner a visit from Ken Silva, you just watch!) Yet i also read the contributors sites and some others who have slandered myself and others on the blogosphere.

So... with that I desire all of your prayers so that i am fair and honest myself... I know i can push the limits as far as telling it like it is and sometimes sound less loving than i mean things to sound...

Also, pray for Ken Silva and CRN that they can attain the desires of their hearts as they line up with the will of God instead of quoting people, then creating a new context and constructing straw men arguments that no one can argue against... except those of us who have seen the quote in context and note that Ken is lying...

Be blessed,

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