Sunday, April 29, 2007

Great Quotes: Martin Luther

This has to be my most favorite Luther quote ever... Actually Luther was the original "Cussing Pastor" but I won't put the scatological quote here is it a bit too vulgar for even me... (grin)


"Almost every night when I wake up the devil is there and wants to dispute with me. I have come to this conclusion: When the argument that the Christian is without the law and above the law doesn't help, I instantly chase him away with a fart."

~ Martin Luther (1483-1546), Luther's Works, Volume 54, Table Talk_ [1967], Number 469)

The whole being of any Christian is Faith and Love... Faith brings the man to God, love brings him to men . ~ Martin Luther (1483-1546)


matbathome said...

Hi Iggy-

I mention you in my new blog.

iggy said...



I think that Ken has a real issue that you have brought out on your blog... in fact if Ken is not careful he will be the only one saved according to his own doctrine...

I find it funny that Luther used very base and vulgar language... much worse that Mark Driscoll and with the accusations against Mark, Ken has laid heavier accusations against Luther..

Ken is in massive denial...


The toothbrush rug guy of Edgewater said...

I love this one too, and I love all Luther's earthiness... would that the English versions of his Werken were not so expurgated.

Luther was one man who got enough fiber in his diet!

I'm glad you put this there, I was having a devil of a time (pun intended) finding this quotation online!

The Rug Goth said...

You spoke well and carefully that Luther used vulgar language.

Too often, in English we conflate vulgarity and profanity together, when in fact they are very different indeed!

Some of this is our cultural puritanism, part of it is that due to the Norman Invasion, English is a German language with a French overlay.

So many Germanic words (such as the one for excrement) are considered "dirty" while their French equivs. are polite and clean.

Hence: a proper person doesn't go to the bathroom to S..t, they go to defecate.

But because of this, we find Luther's language scandalous. While yes, even in German it is potent and strong language in the ears of a native German speaker, his earthy often scatological idiom is not morally offensive the way it is to our more "prissified" ears.

Ich weiss nicht Ken or Mark D., but I love it when pastors today admit to enjoying a good BM, "relations" with their wives, etc. We're often almost (or more than almost) Gnostic in our despisal of earthy pleasures.

iggy said...

The Rug Goth,

Some of this post is becuase some are attacking one pastor for being a bit too earthy...

I have never heard him say anything close to what Luther comes out saying...

As you stated the translation from one language can be offensive in one country is not in another... Yet, there is no real way to get around that Luther liked certain words. One critic of Mark Driscoll stated how crude he was then lifted Luther as if he had been Sainted and had not "earthiness" about him. What I mean is we miss out how free Luther was when we sanitize him.

Thanks for stopping by!