Saturday, April 14, 2007

"Thinker up has "Hot List" about "emergent" beliefs and authors!!!!!"

Kennyo said...
the purpose of this list is not for commentary on the authors but rather an aid in helping identify who those involved in the Emergent church like to read and are influenced by.
1:05 PM

This is in the comments as if an after thought... but here is the "list" of "evil" emergent practices and authors that we read... according to ThinkerUp

Emergent Beliefs and Characteristics:
• Redefine the Christian Faith to accommodate "post-modernity"• Redefining the doctrine of hell as not being literal
• God's judgement interpreted as simply being embarrassed by your sin or an inability to gratify your desires
• Reinterpreting the penal substitutionary atonement of Christ on the cross
• Questioning the inerrant authority of scripture
• The bible primarily as a "story" or narrative• Conversion as becoming a part of "His story"
• Planetary salvation (Restoring the entire earth to it's original Creation and "rhythm")
• Proclaiming of the Kingdom of God being established on earth in present history more than the gospel of salvation
• Promoting a "social gospel"
• Defines themselves as "missional"
• The Protestant Reformation as possibly an ongoing process
• Believes Emergent could be a "Second Reformation"
• Questions are esteemed higher than answers
• Social and environmental activism
• Anti-war and political liberalism
• Promoting spiritual disciplines (meditation, fasting, contemplative prayer, breath prayers, centering prayer, labyrinth prayer walks, guided imagery, Lectio Divina, Ignatius Examen, stations of the cross)
• Promoting the mystical, the sensory and the experiential
• Anti-establishment
• Truth is determined by cultural influences or tradition* Truth is not propositional
• Teaching should be multi-sensory and creative rather than linear
• Traditional preaching is replaced by discussion and dialogue
• Reluctant to call homosexuality a sin
• Occasionally use profanity to get point across
• May become worldy to reach the world
• Life experiences determine theology and orthodoxy
• Language is oriented around self – feelings, opinions, and attitudes
• Community, relationships and unity are highest priorities
• Uncomfortable with historic christian orthodoxy as having an exclusive claim on truth
• Tolerate ideological and theological differences, very inclusive and ecumenical

Emergent Preferred Authors and Speakers:
• N.T. Wright
• Brian McLaren
• Henri Nouwen
• Dallas Willard
• Richard Foster
• Donald Miller
• Tony Campolo
• Rob Bell
• Dan Kimball
• Doug Pagitt
• Erwin McManus
• Gregory Boyd
• Andy Crouch
• Chris Seay
• Tony Jones
• Leonard Sweet
• Shane Claiborne
• Brian Walsh
• Miroslav Volf
• Brennan Manning
• Walter Brueggemann
• Dr. Robert Webber
• Steve Chalke
• Alan Mann
• Matthew Fox
• Tom Hohstadt
• Bono
• Ryan Bolger
• Spencer Burke
• David Bosch
• Eddie Gibbs
• Tilden Edwards
• Marcus Borg
• M. Scott Peck
• Jacques Derrida
• Karl Barth
• Søren Kierkegaard
• Carl Jung
• Thomas Merton
• Thomas Keating
• Cynthia Bourgeault
• C.S. Lewis
• Sue Monk Kidd
• Anne Lamont
• Rowan Williams
• Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
• Madam Guyon
• Jürgen Moltmann
• Dietrich Bonhoeffer
• William Blake

Emergent Preferred Catholic Mystics, Desert Fathers and Monks:
• St. John of the Cross
• Ignatius of Loyola
• Peter Faber
• Dionysius
• St. Francis of Assisi
• Juliana of Norwich
• Thomas Merton
• Meister Ekhart
• Basil Pennington
• St. Teresa of Avila
• St. Thomas Aquinas
• Pierre Teilhard d Chardin
• Richard Rolle
• The Cloud of Unknowing (anonymous monk)
posted by Kennyo at 7:43 PM

That is quite a list isn't it...

Now, there are many I have never heard about and will definitely look them up... Some I agree are not that good and some i will say are just weird to see and really wonder what was going on in this persons head?

Really this goes to show that most emergents are pretty well read

Yet, I will add a few that are not on this list i have encountered...

  • Jesus (in the Bible and our hearts)
  • Paul and all the other writers of the Bible inspired by the Holy Spirit
  • Fancis Shaffear
  • Pual Viera
  • Pete Greig
  • Frank Viola
  • Wayne Jacobs
  • Jim Wallis
  • Scot McKnight
  • Karen Ward
  • Michael Frost
  • Alan Hirsch
  • John Piper
  • John MacArthur
  • Frank Page
  • Steve Taylor
  • Brian J. Walsh
  • Sylvia C. Keesmaat
  • George Barna
  • Maj Ian Thomas

This is really a good list and you can see that there is a mixture of some great things and a few not so great things... though I would disagree with many things on the list, I have seen in many traditional churches these same things... but hey, why look at your own log when you can point out splinters in others.

What i don't see on the list is really telling... and here are some core things that would never be found in emergent circles.

  • hatred
  • justification of judging other (condemnation)
  • Someone to be the Holy Spirit for you
  • someone who tries to control you
  • someone who accepts you only if you tow the company line

I am sure there are more... so go ahead and add to the list.


Michael Krahn said...


I just put up a couple more parts of my review of Rob's "Velvet Elvis" at

Join me there to discuss. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the book.

iggy said...


I have had a lot of friends that have really found it a great book... despite the criticism "some" have given...

Yet... I have not read it myself as I have had a lot of other books that have been priority these days... free books get reviewed... most are very good yet it does mean I have to wait on books i have on my list to read...

Velvet Elvis is pretty low on my list... I have about two N.T. Wright books a Len Sweet, Dallas Willard, Dan Gillian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the emergent manifesto of hope to read before I can even think about reading Rob's book...

But it is on the list... yep,,, right there towards the bottom...

I will stop by your blog to see the wattup!


Jimmy said...

this list could really be accepted by 80% of all Christians world-wide. It really reads like a Catholic list. I like how half the people listed under 'speakers' are dead...

the only thing this list does is alientate whoever compiled it. Based on the the persons listed and the idea that somehow only those in the so-called emergent movement read them, this list just shows that the author is a conservative evangelical fundamentalist - a minority and crackpot.

As if persons in 'emergent' are the only who read the saints, thomas merton, cs lewis, kierkegaard, moltmann, bonehoeffer, william blake, derrida, henri nouwen, Jung, etc. -- I'm surprised I didn't see shakespeare, Tillich, Rahner, Kant, Heidegger, Hegel, Schleiermacher, Balthasar, Schillebeekx, Knitter, R. Haight, Schelling, Feurbach, G. Guiterrez, Caputo, R. Kearney, Sobrino , the brothers Boff, Dostevskey, Socrates, Plato, Aristolte, Aquinas, Homer, Dante, J. Joyce, Nabokov, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Salinger, W.H. Auden, etc. - the guy listed pretty much all the major classic thinkers of the western world -

who wrote this list? What a crackpot