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Thoughts on the Harmony of Being Uniquely Individual and Being Part of a Whole

Thoughts on the harmony of being Uniquely Individual and being Part of a Whole

Within the thought that the many become one... and yet remain uniquely individual is the mystery of the Triune God... all unique yet in harmony as One. Also it is the idea of One Body (Jesus') made of many parts (us) becoming the Church (called out ones) to become as One... the Bride to be brought out in perfection to be the Wife of Jesus... we are one in Him as He is in the Father...

Of course if one does not believe in the Triune God this is all lost to you.

More so though it is that though objectively all experience the same type of experience... yet uniquely it is subjectively experienced... the objective and subjective are not opposed but in union with each other. In that the objective abstract becomes subjective reality...

People who come to Christ share the same experience... yet it manifests in different ways... I was drunk then became sober with my sinners prayer..."if you keep me sober tonight, I will see what I can do for you" (famous last words!) God showed me I could do nothing for me as He had already done it at the Cross.

I came to realize some time ago that there is two types of Gnosis...

1. The revelational knowledge that is common to man, yet gives insight to this worlds struggles. It contains wisdom for this realm... but is truly worthless for salvation and the Kingdom of God.

2. The revelational knowledge that is based on faith. Faith in believing that what is not, is, and will be as God said it.

One is not in harmony with the other; in fact they are diametrically opposed to each other.

One teaches power and authority to control and gain for one's self... the other is the idea of lowering one's self to serve and love the other as better than yourself. Both cannot coexist. One cannot seek knowledge for knowledge sake with out seeking God to give meaning behind and for the knowledge given.

The fall was not just about eating forbidden fruit, but about man's choosing to take knowledge for himself apart from God... to seek knowledge for knowledge sake and yet not understand what the knowledge is truly for. What Adam did was give up his birthright as first born to be a god unto himself... and lost his life, or rather the access to eternal life as the tree of life was now taken from his grasp as he was cast out of the Garden.

Adam sought knowledge apart from God whom he walked with in the Garden in the cool of the evening... Adam chose to sever his relationship over knowledge for knowledge sake.

To say that transformation is just my experience denies that it is for anyone that seeks God's knowledge. It denies that man can now walk with God in the Garden for the Garden is now Christ Jesus. "If any man be in Christ, he is a New Creation."


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