Friday, March 09, 2007

Bones of Jesus and his family...

Bones of Jesus and his family...

Ok, I did not watch the show... I did not care to... I thought it was a hoax or at best the worst research ever. If it was in any relation to the bone box of James.

I was already convinced that it was wrong. Why? Because the Truth (Jesus) had already set me free and I have seen this stuff all before in different forms, but always the same idea. Jesus never died, he swooned or was replaced by a look alike, or my favorite Gnostic gospel teaching of Jesus making Judas look like Himself and hovering in a spirit form over the Cross sneering at the stupid humans crucify Judas in His place.

So, I have heard about all there is to know.

BTW, even this "Jesus married Mary and had a bunch of kids" things was around before that ridiculous Duh-Vinci code. (Which I think most Christian churches fell into the trap of promoting with the "we must make sure people know the truth" which was a "hey, let's sell some "Christian" books and make some money" thing from my view point.) This was taught in some circles of Mormonism.

Jesus has a bride already. It is the Church in which He is betrothed to. We are the Bride of Christ and there was and will be no other. That would make God a polygamist.

I think the bible is trustworthy in it's story of what happened. I do not worry about the latest fad to come around.

Now if you do need a bit more "intellectual" comfort I recommend this article by Scot McKnight.

Scot McKnight: A Boring Box of Bones


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