Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Mystery Blog... Progressive Revelation

I have come across a blog that links to me... yet have no clue who it is. I have tried to contact the person but have not had an answer back.

I have the honor of being the only outbound link... so, thanks.

I have thought about linking to it, yet would like to give credit... I find it very interesting and insightful.

Here is the link to Progressive Revelations. Enjoy!


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JP Manzi said...

That's always interesting. It's a shame you can't get in contact with this person. Jan 5 was the last post so maybe its a "dead" blog iggy.

rick said...

iggy - i'm jealous ... i'm happy to get any kind of link, dead blog or not ...

iggy said...

I am amazed that anyone links to me! LOL!