Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Is Following Jesus a Lifestyle?

Is Following Jesus a Lifestyle?

Is Following Jesus a Lifestyle?
I have to say no to that. That would make other lifestyles as equal to following Jesus.

Following Jesus is about Living a Life… not a lifestyle I choose and decide to live. Within “Christianity” there are many different “lifestyles”. Some people are rich, some are poor and on and on… to call Christianity a lifestyle reduces it fro what it truly is.

Jesus said follow me… and die to yourself… not live a lifestyle.

Why am I on this rant?

There was an article about a contestant who is on American Idol… Now I have been caught up in America Idol over the last few years yet it seems I have not had much interest in the last couple at least. Yet this quote out of the article got my hackles up.

“But Greene said she still has worries over Sligh's long-term spiritual journey.
"Is he going to stand strong by his true Christian morals?" Greene said. "Christianity is a lifestyle ... and there are things in your life that you do need to stand for."

John Jeter, the owner of a Greenville nightclub where Sligh has performed with his band, said Sligh's wholesome attitude and his faith come through in his music.

"It speaks well to the fact that it's not all blood, guts and trash," said Jeter. "Music doesn't have to be filthy. You can have a good time in a good environment, and Chris is proof of that."”

Now, I find it nice that Cheryl Greene is concerned about Chris Sligh’s spiritual walk… and that is not where I get my “hackles”… I get them over that the one who is “worrying” calls Christianity a “Lifestyle” and in a sense is also judging Chris Sligh’s choice and direction. Meanwhile the one who is “in the world” states that Sligh does not compromise his “faith”.
Notice that? This worldly club owner notices Sligh’s faith…

There is a huge difference in how we approach the world… if we say join our lifestyle, then why is our’s is better than the gay community? What makes our lifestyle right, while a drug user or drunk’s lifestyle is wrong?

Jesus is to BE our life so that the LIFE we LIVE is HIS and NOT ours. Again, it is about dying to self. We are baptized in Christ’s death… and buried with Him… and raised a NEW CREATION. This is exchanging our life for HIS or our lifestyle for the Person of Jesus.



Bruce said...

You are quite correct.

It is far too easy for the "Christian life" to become a checklist of things I do

I am a Christian and I live......hopefully to the honor and glory of God.

Most of my battles in my life are inward. Those deadly mortal sins the catholics talk about. As a long time Christian and pastor I have learned to play the game outwardly. But inwardly, ah , that is where the battle rages.


iggy said...

I see it like when people say," I gave my life to the Lord."

Or how some say we must submit "our" life in obedience to Christ"... I get what they are saying... but...

Without Jesus we are dead... in... our... sin...

We had no life to give Jesus... we exchange our death for His Life...

We do not live our lives in obedience... we die to ourselves and He Lives His Life in and through us...

I know I am nitpicking just a bit and again i do not go off on people who say these things... sometimes I catch myself saying them... but for a person to say, "I believe in the literal understanding of the Bible" and then teach these things shows they do not. They are even missing the basic teachings of the Bible...

Inwardly we still struggle yet at least for me... to struggle is proof that I am "in Christ" because before I might have given assent that the things I did were wrong, i was a slave to them and subject to do them... now I have a choice... I may not make the right one, but I find no condemnation in Christ as He still works inside me to lift me up and teach me even in my failings... most often through my failings... I like to say I fail forward.