Thursday, December 14, 2006

Update on the Last Post... Once again I am a heretic

Once again I am a heretic.

A while back before I decided to not engage certain men as they are nothing but divisive men out to quarrel and cause strife... (Proverbs 20:3, 2 Timothy 2:23, 2 Timothy 2:24, Titus 3:9) I went to SOL and made a comment. I am still paying for that misjudgment even today!

The last post was to affirm the incarnation that God became a man... And on SOL (in the comments) I am called a heretic... And why? It is over small "m" or big "M"... In using the word "man"...

Again this is how trivial these people are and so full of hate that grace is not even part of their lives...

I did post some comments back, and we will see if they post them... I am really trying to not engage, really! I am sure that was another mistake and if the reader can I hope you can learn from my mistakes! LOL!

It is so weird to me how much these so called "Christians" hate.

I affirm the incarnation and am a heretic according to Ray. It was a bit ironic after Ray gives me a lecture on capital "M" and small "m" in "man" he quotes this verse and misses entirely that the bible he cut and paste did not capitalize the word "man". Thus nulifying his own argument... which is again my point about these men... that is all they want... an argument. (Titus 3:9)

1Co 15:47 The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man (the Lord Jesus Christ)is the Lord from heaven.

This verse actually backups even more what I taught! LOL!

I teach Jesus is literally "the Way, the Truth, the Life" (Which Spurgeon did and these men hold him up) and I am a heretic according to Phil Perkins, who is being befriended by Ken Silva at SOL... Ken teaches:

"It is absolutely astounding that within the Church of Jesus Christ we have to have "in house" discussions about the subject of Truth! Well, pathetic would be more like it because Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the One we Christians claim to follow, literally said in front of eyewitnesses who faithfully recorded His Words "I Am the Truth" (John 14:6)." (Emphasis mine)

Phil Perkins denies this! He says Jesus only taught "propositionally"! Which means that Jesus only proposed He was "the Way, the Truth, the Life".

Again, I am the heretic? Once again, Jesus PROCLAIMED HE WAS "the Way, the Truth, the Life"! In fact Phil has many posts denying that Jesus was "literally" as He said, which puts him against what Ken teaches on his own blog! The fruit of these men are evident! It is fowl and rotting and not of Christ. They even contradict themselves... They are double minded! They are men who chase paper tigers and build strawmen to knock down... they are to be avoided.

If anything, pray that the spiritual blindness and bondage that holds these men captive is broken and they are set free, by the TRUTH who is the Person, Jesus Christ. Again, I do not care to join them in their un godily quarrelling, as I do not know what sort of desires they are battling... my desire is to serve the Lord and give Jesus Glory with all I am. (James 4:1)

Ephesians 6:24 Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love.


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steven hamilton said...

I do pray...we who are supposed to be the Church canm be so rends my heart, and if there is an emotion between anger and sadness, that is where I am with respect to things like this. now, i would never argue any Rodney-King ecclesiology (can't-we-all-just-get-along), because i think debate is healthy and keeps us in that 'radical middle' of truth. yet at the same time, Jesus said the world would know us by our love...this doesn't do that.



iggy said...


If this person wanted to discuss how Jesus was the God/man (which I do believe that Jesus emptied himself of his divinity and walked as a man... for he overcame the world and overcame sin... as the words of the Angel to Jacob prophesied... "Your name is Israel, for you have wrestled with God and man and have overcome." Jesus overcame sin, and death... in that Jesus "overcame" there had to be the danger the He might not overcome these things... and that is why I say "mere man"... to elevate Jesus to some God/Man who walked around doing miracles in His own power denies the scripture where Jesus emptied Himself... which He did. It denies Jesus depended on the Father… and it teaches that Jesus saw equality with God to be grasped.

Once in the incarnation as God became a man... and also as He poured Himself out as the sin offering on the cross.

Again, there are many scriptures that teach as I have said, so as far as what I teach I have no issue that it is heretical...

The true disgrace, (besides my giving these men an opportunity to judge and condemn me) is that these men claim to know and defend God (which I see needs no defending if God id God) and in that set out to destroy others in the process... God is in the reconciliations business and Satan is in the destroying business.

I hope i will earn from all this and keep focus on my vocation... and not let these men distract me from that calling.