Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stephen Shields and Brian McLaren Absolute Truth and Absolute Certainty

This is a great post by Stephen Shields at emergesque.

In the ongoing debate about absolute truth, which seems some claim we do not believe I think this is very helpful in how we see it a bit different and maybe deeper as we seek a more intimate relationship with Jesus. I see that absolute certainty reflects a bit more as to how I see my walk. I am certain of the character of Jesus. I trust in Who He is and what He has and is doing. So even if my view of truth (in the general definition) wavers my certainty in THE TRUTH being Jesus does not.

So what are your thoughts?

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FarmerJon said...

Well said, although I'm sure controversial to many. I've been a "Christian" since I was a small child and had a belief in what I thought was true until a few years ago when I became a disciple and was born again. I have always beleived that Jesus was the truth although I now have a very different, and I feel more accurate beleif than I have had for the majority of my life. I agree that the closer you get to God the more your personal view of the truth is subject to change or evolove.


Mike Messerli said...

sounds a little "Barthian", doesn't it?

I would like to get a better feel for what they are trying to say.

I guess I need to read more of what they think on this issue, and I will.

thanks, Iggy.

iggy said...


It may be... Barth is not really my forte.

It is not in the actual thoughts he had but mroe the conclusions.

Mostly I see that he had some great tid bits of insight... yet as with most theologians they seem to polarize to one extreme to the other... it is it is all this and none of that...

Yet, I think if we step back... we can see room for and "both/and" not throwing all to the wind.. but looking for the wheat and throwing out the chaff.

It is like with modernity and post modernity... both are basically anti bibilical... yet within their thoughts and ideas are tools in which we can approach the lost in this world.

I have a friend that thinks Barth a very bad theologian, but loves his quotes...

"when asked about the one thing one must do to be a great theologian, Barth said,"smoke". the student asked Barth "What if one does not smoke?" And Barth replied, "There are no great theologians that do not smoke!"

I think I disagree with that, but thought it was funny as well...

It is like someone who rails against potty mouth and then expounds on how great Luther was... yet Luther was known for his scatologic humor... Do we throw out Luther for his use of "fart" or even worse words?