Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The New Christians: Tony Jones

Of all at Emergent, Tony Jones has been one that intrigued me the most. I really like much he offers at Emergent Village such as the Plato Smackdown and other podcast dealing with philosophy and religion.
With that I had some great anticipation when heard he had a book come out. Now, I caution that like other "Emergents" Tony is but one voice in a much larger conversation. I do see heavy influence by Brian McLaren both from the title to the much that is spoken about by in New Kind of Christian as we flash forward and find the pioneers who blazed trails and also took the arrows.
I was not disappointed with Tony's book. I see though as I look around the web (I usually try not to as I am about to write a review, yet for some reason I did...) I see that the chapters Tony talks about the "chickens" seem to miss the mark with some. It seems some people miss the understanding of stewardship and think Tony is "out to save the chickens" truthfully I saw that chapter about saving Christianity from consumerism... not just consumerism, but wanton destruction and total disregard for God's creation. The own took to heart his business, the officers, thought it a joke to worry about the humane slaughter of chickens... and many of them were "Christians". To me to understand that (which seemed a simple illustration) one would begin to grasp the issues we see as emerging... Christians.
My favorite point that Tony makes is how he explains "Absolute truth" I won't spoil it, but suffice it to say, I wish I have the simple illustration to explain why I see that the biblical definition of Truth needs no "qualifier" and to add to it, actually takes away from it and adds more issues than if we just stood on the bibles definition. This is not to throw out "absolutes" rather to gain that Truth is a Person... Jesus Christ... and not a detached abstract thought.

If one is trying to get an understanding on the "movement" this will give a bit more to the grand puzzle. But, realize as I already stated, this is a grand mosaic of many conversants. To say this book wraps it all up neatly, would be misleading, yet it will help flesh out the misunderstandings that are out there. (unless you get stuck thinking about saving chickens for Jesus and miss the point!) = )

For other voices about the book..

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Rick said...

Thanks for the headsup - on the "chickens", I thought it was a really well-made point to just take this seriously, just feel and make decisions accordingly. But "we in the middle" blow off so much of what might be really important.