Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pastor Allen Hodges debate at MSU Billings

My pastor and friend Allen Hodges was in a debate at the local University this week. Here is part of his side of the debate. It took place 2/21/08 at MSU Billings.

Is there a god?

Yes—I say this both from the logical and personal perspectives.

My position tonight is, as well as I am able, to explain both of these perspectives.

I’ll start with the logic of the existence of God and then move into the personal aspects…
No one here, or anywhere for that matter, is able to refute the existence of absolutes in the universe. None of us deny the existence of gravity, nor can any of us suspend the force of gravity. We may be able to use it to our own purposes and even be able to fly or send rockets out of some of the force of gravity. But we all live within its power and effects. Nor is gravity the only absolute we encounter. None of us can operate outside of the laws of physics. None of our theories of the existence or origin of the universe discount or deny these very laws. Now also, none of us, though perhaps some may be able to, can necessarily explain how these forces work. None of us may be able even to see these forces. We can only see the effect of these forces and live taking these into account. The argument that something is true or even exists based solely on our belief in it, is shown to be illogical when presented in the case of physics. These laws of physics exist and act regardless of our belief in them or our understanding of their working. They simply are and we live within their bounds.

Likewise, the argument that there is no god, because we don’t believe in a god are moot. Our lack of belief in no way invalidates the existence of absolutes, nor of god. Some may argue that they won’t believe in a god because they don’t see this god. But each person claiming such, lives their entire life within the bounds of the absolutes of physics unaware of the contradiction in regard to god. Our eyes only register a small spectrum of the known light frequencies, yet none of us deny the existence of x-ray or ultraviolet light. We don’t see these, yet we know they exist. The same is true of god. Our ability to see is severely limited as is our understanding of the forces at work in the universe, yet we each live our lives within the certainty of their existence.

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