Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Born Free Presentation

This presentation would be what I wouldconsider the “foundation” of my belief structure.

Please view this link.

Born Free Presentation



leviathen said...

you know whats funny. i still have not been able to nail down one "site" or person that defines my belief structure.

although brian Mc comes pretty close. :)


iggy said...


How have you been?

I can't nail it down to one person either... Bob George taught me grace. In that grace is my main teaching... along with the exchanged life. He is where I get things like... "Forgiveness does not equal salvation", and Jesus is the Life... and we live by the power of the Resurrection and so on. I think it is here some think I border on universalism, yet I have written that it is those who equate forgivness with salvation that are the ones who truly have the more "universalist" thought.

Anyway. As far as disagrement with BG, I beleive dinasours existed he thinks God created he earth with a history... to me this is minor. He is also very Baptist in some ways... as he does not think we have prophets and apostles today. I may give on the apostles yet, I know many of the gifts that some say do not exist today do.


Dan said...

If I had to pick one person that nails down what i believe I'd have to pick Jesus. He had some nice ideas ;)

iggy said...


Yes He did.... didn't He! LOL!

I do nto mean this to say that I follow a man. I am tipping the hat to many Godly men who have had influence on my life.

As far as the Real problem is that Jesus is the One if rely on the most... Problem? Many Christians have know idea what I just said...

and I am not being presumptious. Many do...

God did use many of these men as the ones to help reveal His truth... (oh boy not this one again...) I hated Bob Gearge when i first heard him, with a great passion and I set out to set him straight... but found God's Grace!

That for me was the first paridgm shift in my faith journey. I was a staunch Armaneian in view, and now have this "eternal security" thing.
Now I thank God and love Bob George! But the point is he is just a man, so I do not agree with him on all points, but the important issue of my eternal salvation has never been the same since I met him... and Jesus revealed that truth to me through him.