Monday, June 05, 2006

I have an affliction

I have an affliction

I suffer an affliction which I have written a bit in the past about. Not a physical one, which, yes I do have not one but many. Yet, this is one that rises up to alarm me and cause me some internal conflict.

I have never claimed to be educated, though I have spent much time reading and studying the scripture. I do not know Greek or Hebrew, yet I have a trusty Strong’s concordance and a basic understanding on how words are constructed. With these tools, God has shown me much.

My affliction is that I become tossed back and forth between the desire fro higher credentials, or even to have some or to remain as humbly uneducated as I am. In my mind I cross from trusting God completely and/or supplementing with more knowledge. Can God use both? YES! Yet, I also see many highly educated persons doing great things for God. Yet I also see many who have become puffed up with “knowledge” and though greatly blessed with education do not “understand”.  One may say, “I know Greek.” Or “I know Hebrew.” And I say GREAT! Yet, the Pharisees did also! Some spoke to Jesus Himself and did not “understand”. So, Knowledge in itself can not bring understanding.

“Knowledge + experience” can bring clarity and bring one closer to “understanding”, yet, one can “experience” and “know” and still not understand. One can experience riding a motorcycle, but yet not understand “being a biker”. One can “experience the great outdoors”. Yet, that experience can be but a taste of the understanding, yet not give one open clarity to understanding the experience.

Many stood at the cross, believers, unbelievers, mockers of Jesus and lovers of Jesus! Yet, all stood with knowledge and experience as they witnessed the cross and Christ Crucified. Yet, even in that “Karios” moment, which would not only leave an imprint on all that were present, but also leave an imprint on time and eternity, they still lack understanding!

It was only after the Resurrection and only after Jesus had shown Himself to these and explained what the Resurrection meant, did the disciples gain “understanding”. How?

Through their relationship with Jesus Who revealed Himself to the disciples!

So, again, the affliction is to get more education, which there is nothing in itself wrong…. Or to continue to rest in the purity of Revelation that comes from my relationship with Jesus.


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Elson - son of El (El means God in hebrew) said...

i love you brother.. :D

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