Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Question About My Blog Links

A Question About My Blog Links.

Miss Sara had asked me what links on this blog reflect emerging thought. I thought it easier to just post this than to use the comments.

Sorry, I did not catch part of your question... but no not all I have linked to are, or of emerging thought. Many might even be against it... but the links below will give you a good overview of some radical and some more conserviative side of emerging thought... I would say i am conserviative radical... LOL!

Like I said, most are friends. Like Levi (emergent)
Punk monkey (emergent)

Some are from the Church of God as I find of interest that they are debating about a new reformation. This is part of what I believe... I do not see that The Reformation ended... or has come to pass... but i see it as something that must and should be the duty of a Believer of Christ to consider... what the “sound doctrine is “over” man made". What part of doctrine comes from tradition or just ones preference... such as CoG's position being debated on instruments used in worship.

Some might even be opposed to the emerging thought… I will not speculate on whom.

I have a link of Irenaeus on Free Will that talks about free will… I am not a Calvinist, nor Armenian.. Yet, I believe in eternal security, and free will. I will save Calvinism and Armenianism’s short comings for another time.

People to People teach Grace… I have a link to them to listen to Bob George. Also I have a link to their “Born Free Presentation” which is a pretty good straight forward presentation for salvation. Again, I love Bob George yet I would not agree on all points… He teaches the exchanged Life… as well as Major Ian Thomas.

For the most part again the rest are friends or other ministries of interest to me… also I have an online Christian Radio station that helps indie Christian artist get airplay. But this is the list I would say would give you some insight to emerging thought. If you have any other questions please ask.



Miss Sara said...

Thank you for the clarification, Iggy. I will check out the links you have here.

iggy said...


Like I said, some are more radical than others... our mutual friend Levi, would of course be more liberal than me... but you gotta love that guy... don't ya?

I am more conservative... but in much of my thought, I am like John O'Keefe (though he may not agree) WIth him I disagree on being a pacificst, yet I do concider myself a modified pacifist.

Most Probably the mose evengelical is Bob's BLog.

Anyway the point is that just as outside the emering thought there are conserviatives adn liberals and moderates... it is also inside the emerging thought. We do not all think alike.


leviathen said...

thats so funny. i would consider my thought spcae to align closely with JOK (john O'Keefe) as well.

jeez, we are both nuts.



iggy said...

I give great kudos to jok as he is a bit my spiritual father in the case of emerging thought. I in know way can say I agree with everything he says, yet for the most part I do. We may part on some minor issues. Like pacifisim. I am a modified pacifist because of jok though, I had not really considered it untill I talked with him.

Really sometimes it is hard to really know what jok beleives as his attackers ofter distort his views as with me and Brian McLaren... We all had the honor of being in the same anti emerging Blog! As far as how jok has worked our "truth" we may come at it from a bit different direction, yet I think we agree on many of the foundational thoughts and conclusions.

I do credit you also (what is that brown stuff on my nose?) as you had befreinded me early on and listened as I entered into this emerging thought. A friend is hard to come by and one that listens and really cares is even harder to come by.

BTW big side note. We are activly helping the BIllings VIneyard in the church plant! It is hard to set aside my own agenda, yet I see God is going to use me and I may get more training. I have hit it off great with Allen (the pastor) and he has no problem with me and my heritical ways. LOL! I guess if one really takes the time to get to know me... He does nto consider himself a PM/E/e yet thinks that he went thought much of the thoughts and value changes when he was in college.

I know that though the labels by be put on us, the values we share as PM/E/e are biblical and that makes them not new at all and that many have shared in these values.