Friday, March 25, 2005

Tired of Post-Modernism...Lets Move On To Post-Post-Modernism

I was doing the random blog and the first on I came upon was one called Big Easy his opening sentence floored me...

"Cultural theorists may think we're in the age of "post-post-modernism," but our theologians are still simply contending with the impacts of Descartes, Copernicus, Darwin, and Freud. The most profound impact of modernity is that we can no longer base the authority of our religious testaments on history; our myths and our Gods are refuted by scientific reality. We lose our absolutes, and the sense of certainty they afforded us.

Considering the ramification of not doing anything as we enter and begin the journey of this post modern age...We miss out on reaching a culture who has lost faith in trivial things that do not matter.
This is exciting as we must understand that this means trivial and superficial is not the "cool" but is "on the out".
As one puts his finger on the pulse of culture around us... We see people seeking something... "The Real".
As a post modern Christian I see this as a real opportunity to introduce the ones who do not Know Jesus... The Real Jesus.
Modernity has gone it's full road... The world has out grown moderns view of God and religion. But, no one can outgrow the Living God and His Son our Messiah.
If we believe that Jesus is Real... Then we have no fear in sharing this with others. Especially those who seek the Real.
It is as if those of postmodern age...Or as this thinker stated, the "post-post-modern age", have become like children again in their attempt to see things in a new light...New experience as to see things as Real.
We must move forward...Not just think "attack Darwin and evolution" or other modern Demigods...who have failed on their own to answer life's Real questions.
Jesus tells us "Do not fear for I am with you always".
Do we believe this?



Bible_sponge said...

I dont really understand this....but if you mean that people are changing God for this generation then I dont agree at all. When people try to make the Bible modern, and preach about what only "people" want to hear then that is idoltry. idoltry-When they make God as how they want God to be, and not how God really is.
I think that people like to sugar coat sin, and the Christian life. If you ever hear a preacher say "Get saved for your own good" and not mention Jesus, then you should run out of that church.
God Bless!

iggy said...

I don't think I said we need to "change God" maybe our own view of Him .. but more we need to be aware that not all the was taught in moderism is nessecarily "Christian".
WE all have cultural glasses we wear that we tend to define the Scripture by these biases.
We tend to define to fit our modern view.
Postmoderinism is about realizing we are not in the modern age... like the premoderns we are entering into a new paridigm.
the things that "worked" change from premodern to modern and thus the same now from modern to postmodern.
I admit some of these thoughts are a bit hard to understand. I agree though that we should not water down "sin"... but i think we need to focus on "growth" as one growing will not continue in sin.
I agree that if a church "waters down" the message of salvation one should run from there.

leviathen said...

bible sponge

i don't think iggy is saying that we are somehow "changing God" at all. i think its more like those before us "changed the way we see God" to fit their perspctive, as many of us haev done as well. im sure in certain areas you haev allowed your perspective of God to fit your own reality. its a human nature.

i don't think anyone is "sugar-coating" anything. i think only when you pry yourself away from a belief structure that has no give can you begin to really seek him. really seek him.

REALLY seek him. not just talk about it.


iggy said...

Hey Levi!
Any baby news yet?
YOu know a wierd thing was happening...I was clicking on my Word of Mouth Ministrie website link to get to my blog site and it took me to your business website..more than twice.
I ahd to close my explorer and try again to open my site.
I began to wonder if God telling me pray for you guys.
Hope all is well..and baby comes soon.

leviathen said...

dude that is strange.

i always love it when people pray for me so... hey im not complaining!

no baby yet, beth is going nuts. ill let everyone know as soon as somethign starts happening!


JP said...

you know iggy, as I sit here and contemplate....I have a hard time apply post-modernism. I can read about it, hear it, even like the notion of it. How do I apply it? I know the whole theory on what truth is, but how do you apply being a christian who entrusts post-modernism when someone may have a direct question? If I am not making sense, I guess my question is simply, how do you live out what you think? or how do you apply what you read to your life? How do you lose your old modern thinking? Have you read any of Leonard Sweets books? I am reading "out of the question....into the mystery...quite interesting....

iggy said...

I look at is as I am not applying PM. But, in the PM world how do I apply my faith. How do I respond to the culture around me. What is essential and what is not.
That is what makes emergent thought so scary and exciting at the same time. To trust in the unknown and to let God be God in the process. As I said to you earlier... let go of the rope.

If someone needs a direct answer... give it... or answer with another question. I had some one ask about evolution...I asked if it was essential to believe creationism to be saved? I think we trust that "we" have the answers... yet, are we really listening the the question?
If one asks a question like do you believe like those Christians in Florida protesting Terri's death? Are they really interested if I think the way Terri is wrong? Or is the real question..."Are you a fanatic like those guys" (rembering this may be their perception that the protesters are "fanatics" and their fear of what they would have to be like if they became a believer) We need to develop the art of listening and hearing.

Len Sweet, i have not read his books but some of his articles. I also know some people who know him...(aint I great? LOL)
I appreciate his views in how we are to change in our values and thinking. Brian D. McLaren to me is a little more down to earth so to me a little more relatable.
Grasping these knew thoughts take time...yet, that is a good thing as we often do not really examine our beliefs and values but often just blindly accept what someone else told us as truth. I recommend this time to lean into God like you never have before... look for the true value of your faith and build on it. Personally I tossed much out... much I took back in but some of the things I tossed from my faith gave me more freedom to seek.
I guess that is it... return to being a seeker of God.. a learner. Realize none of us know all the answers, and maybe even the answers we think are so true may be wrong... return to the core..Jesus crucified for me.

Whitney said...

Oh I'm sorry iggy I didn't mean any thing wrong! I wasn't saying anything against you.

(This is Bible_sponge)

iggy said...