Friday, April 01, 2005

Jack Chick expands his empire

When I was young I was drawn to Jack Chick... His art was pretty good as far as the comics offered by Christians of the day...
I later found him quite offensive as he was sure the Pope was the anti Christ and Catholics where heading to hell. His portrayal of the gay community seemed also a "little" overboard.
But this floored me...
You have to read the article to see what I mean!


Bible_sponge said...

I never knew the artist name was Jack Chick. I have a track in my purse from when my dad found the comic "Holy Joe" I'm wondering if its a Jehovah's witness track, if so I want to trash it. But the comic was a pretty good one.
Go to

To read Holy Joe track.

iggy said...

Jack Chick has been around for years...I have used his tracks and I admit some are good.
Yet, I have found over the years that this type of evangelism usually does not work. Mostly it tends to polarize galvinize the person who receives it in their sin. This was an April Fools joke... as LarkNews is a Christian satire site.
As far as Jack Chick... he tends toward some teachings i see as at times hateful...he is very much anti Catholic. Teaches the Pope is the anti Christ and if you get deeper into his teachings borders on raciscim.
He is controversial... and that is what he believes will show others Christ...
The Bible teaches that it is God's kindness that leads us to repentance...
Many of his portrayls of the people are way over board.
We are not called to hate anyone... the world as in all the trapping that keep us from God and to serve God over man, yes we are to hate that. But, God loved us even when we where still enemies... God loved the world He sent His Son to die for us... so as the Bible teaches we are to be imitators of God and ministers of reconsiliation... not dividers and hate mongers.
I hope you understand what I am saying here.

Whitney said...

controver$y i$nt right at all. Maybe he'$ in it for the Money. Me think$ so.
My sites happily updated now.....

iggy said...

Bible Butterfly,
You are quite the artist aren't you! There are some that believe that the artist's are the new leaders in Christianity... as we are about 30 years behind the world in art. Funny thing is we were the leader years ago... Michael Angelo and others of that time were the giants. Even as early as Beethoven. I see this coming true in music arts... and I hohpe in the other arts. If you go to my home page yo will see that is the vision of the Church Plant I am heading here n Billings. I hope to not just have our faith be intelectual thing... but bring back the wonder that is our God. You can read more about this here: