Friday, March 18, 2005

Blogger Friends and Heavy Discussions

Blogging has been one of those milestone events in my life...boy that sounds sad in a way.What I mean is it has opened up the world in a new way. I have made friends, maybe a few enemies (not that I know any) and have had some of the most interesting discussions I have had in years.
The most current ones:
Homosexuality: with the token Catholic...Hugo
Baptism: with JP a member of the Church of Christ
Postmodernism: more discussion with JP
Discussion with Kristen...(man she is one sharp cookie) Should women wear a head covering read her blog Heads and Hair
These are all good, not just because I am in the conversation...
Here is the most touching one...from my neice in California. A poem to the newest edition of Sheltons to be born in July we call Baby Girl, (until we have a name): Chrissy


JP said...

Lets keep all conversations going, enjoy the internet fellowship and continue to grow in faith. I am going to add you to my blogroll

iggy said...

A non-COC?
hahaha! JP I have enjoyed our fellowship also.

Hugo said...

*Again* with the "token Catholic" thing!!! ;-)

Glad you like the discussion - I know I look forward to reading and posting, too! :-)

Blessings & Peace,

JP said...

iggy, I would not say I am your typical deep south church of Christ member. They would look at me as a "change agent". I do not feel that just because one does not attend a church of Christ building, they are not christian, that is absurd, bot unfortuantely exists in this world.....I tend to believe we that we agree on much, I just hold the stance of baptism a little differently....

iggy said...

I think we agree that it is the Baptism of Christ that cleanses us. Be that the physical action of Baptism (your view?)... or the Symbol that points to the Cleanser who cleanses us...(my view).
either way... as long as Christ Jesus is center of our faith and we have this as our core belief we agree.