Wednesday, March 09, 2005

It's a Girl!

A little girl... or as the ultrasound tech said...we have a "hamburger" and not a "turtle"...(just think a little bit about it).
We are excited... we admit we were thinking "boy" yet we never thought "not a girl" if you know what I mean.
Now, we are in a serious search for a girls name. May is a family name as my grandmother and mother had it as a middle name. I guess that is a given.

I will be adding some more as we go.
(you can read more about this adventure on BabySheltonupdate (the sequel)


JP said...

Congrats iggy!

Love your analogy......

JP said...

On another note, can you explain the whole emerging church "movement" I see some good in it. Question: How do we stay true to the word of God without sugar coating the message or making our churches more "seeker-friendly"

iggy said...

Honestly I think if you ask 10 different people involved in the emerging church "movement" you will get 10 different answers.
What emerging is about, is, as a postmodern person deconstructs and in essence rebuilds he is emerging. It is a term to basically mean coming out the other side.
It is like being able to see things for the first time clearly...getting mad and angery... then after a bit getting off your butt and doing something about it.
Mostly this "movement" (using that word for lack of a better one since most of "emerging" believers would not accept even that term... is about being real...authentic... guenuine... to get past the bias that clouds our view. In a sense to seek purity of our faith.
It is not an easy thing to answer this.. if you follow some of the links on this blog... especially "ginkworld" one of the more radical ones, "postmodern theology" and "the ooze" you will get more of an understanding.
I hope I answered this alright for you. I think the Gospel does not need suger coating... My view about "seeker friendly" is that we should be friends with seekers...that is called making disciples.