Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Head leaves KORN for Christ!

Head Leaves Korn For Christ!
Sometimes news hits you with ton of bricks...
Now I was not a big Korn fan...but I must say besides soundgarden the downtuned sound was taken to an all new level with Korn. I remember listening to them for the first time...though I can't remember the song's name the topic was the singers molestation as a child...you could hear real pain as he screamed as in a primal scream therapy...I remember they did not play that song live as it had such an effect on him.
Now Brian "Head" Welch one of the guitarists has professed Christ and was baptized in the Jordan river... he also has quit the group.
Now, will this be the Bob Dylan of this generation? Will the Church burn him out like they did Dylan? I pray not. All in all though...God is good!
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Shanna said...

I hope it's not some prank and the boy really found God. I use to listen to Korn and their message was evil and it's good news that someone can turn their life around.
God Bless,