Friday, March 25, 2005

Things that bother me about Terri's case

This case is so disturbing on many different levels...
1. I do not want the gov't to get involved in a tough enough decision as letting a loved one die.
2. Courts should not have the right to give the death sentence to an innocent.
3. Even if a hint of the possibility of an allegation of abuse and contributing to Terri's condition was caused by her husband the court should step in to investigate "that". Mean while leaving in the tube. This would show more respect for Terri if these allegations are remotely true.
4. Removing a feeding tube is not the same as removing a breathing machine or removing dialysis or any other "life support.
5. When my stepfather in-law was dying of cancer (starvation because he could no longer take any matter in) we were allowed to give comfort and put a wet sponge to his lips and tongue to relieve some of the pain...The morphine did the rest. Terri's is being denied this comfort as she "humanely starves to death".
6. Get a living will at the very least...A medical power of attorney is better...(I think that is what it is called).
7. If there is no real statement from the person (Terri) then who ever is willing to take care of the person should be able to...As in the family.
8. Who is to judge when a life has "quality of living" many handicapped people have more severe issues that Terri yet are allowed to live...For now.
9. I have seen animals treated and put to death more humanely than what we are witnessing here with Terri.
10. I see this as a huge change of values in America... I see this as leading toward something very sinister... I recently published a post on my other blog Baby Shelton update about fetal testing to find out if our baby might have down syndrome...We decided to not have the tests as we would love her anyway. It is sad to think some parents choose other wise and that we even have a choose. (I know this testing can scan for many other problems... But even those do not mean we have a right or privilege to take a life... Even if yet unborn. If we allow this case to set precedent that we can kill someone if they are deemed not as fit as the rest of us...Well, I can see the rise of Nazism in America.... ( our daughter seems to be healthy).
11. With at least 2 sworn affidavits saying Mike (Terri's husband... Using that term perversely) saying he has called her a "bitch" and "when is she going to die?" even possible injecting her with insulin to cause her to go into shock...
12. Even though I see it should never had to involve Congress... But it did and they said to have a "new trial" why did a Fed Judge refuse to do this... I see this as contempt of congress.
13. We must realize that Judges are to view "the Law" which as someone said in this case..."Those who think law is the answer to our problems need to face the reality that law is a crude and blunt instrument." I agree. As with the "Law of Moses" that we as Christians are no longer under as we are under Christ and the Higher Law of Love, there is no mercy under the Law.
14. Terri Schiavo wasn't dying until she was denied food and water by court order. If a parent or pet owner locked their child or pet in a room without food and water, is that letting her die? Do you think a court would accept that as a defense?
15. If Terri has been in a persistent vegetative state since 1990. Why is she been known to respond to her parents and sit up and even swallow jello? When has her brain activity ceased?
16. If we depend on the legal system to create law... We the people will lose our freedoms. We need to diligently guard ourselves... So get that living will!
17. IF YOU DENY ANY ONE FOOD OR WATER THEY WILL DIE... So why can't the family at least give her water? This is murder! Not letting her die...With dignity!
18. We being a so called "Christian" nation...(I don't agree with that we are a Christian Nation) should never even be having this discussion...
19. Mike (Terri's husband...Again using that term loosely) gave up his "right as husband when he shacked up with his new "common law" wife and had two kids with her... I am not judging him for moving on... Just "hanging on" without considering Terri's families position.


JP said...

I could not agree with you more iggy, especially point #3. If there is some sort of fowl play or unknown circumstances should we not err on the side of life? What a mess this is with no real winners.

iggy said...

I view this as if someone can be aquitted with just a shadow of doubt... O.J., Robert Blake and so on should not a person have a right to have life if there is a possiblity of fooul play?
This seems like an easy why can't Jeb Bush or someone do something about this?

Kristen said...

I totally agree, Iggy. Thanks for posting your thoughts.

JP said...

by the way, iggy, on your profile it reads: "When you spilled the milk, did it look like the moon?
Only when I bent over to clean it up! ".....I could not stop laughing.....