Sunday, August 20, 2006

I am on a Journey...

Jauhara said...
I haven't lived in Billings for nearly 20 years, since my twins were born at St. Vincent's hospital in 87. Sort of just stumbled on your blog, and not sure where you are going. I sort of walked out of church on 9/16/2001, when, instead of making some relevent sense about the preceding events of Tuesday, he simply gave us an investment speech on the Christian Themed Water Park in Hungary. I have no updates on that spiritual endeavour. I feel parched in a barren land.


We are all on a journey... some stumble from the start... some never get started... some grow and move on…  

I am on a journey to find Jesus beyond to bondage of the legalistic, commercialize, Americanized, imperialistic, religious, Pharisee (Pharisitic), Gospel, which is not THE GOSPEL.

I am on a journey to go beyond man’s vain religious imagination…

I am on a journey to destroy my own kingdom, to gain God’s.

I am on a journey to exchange my life for His eternal LIFE.

I am on a journey to redeem my faith, to hold to Jesus as THE TRUTH, to find my reality not in this fallen world, but rather in the Kingdom of God.

I am on a journey to free myself from Religion to gain True faith.

I am on a journey of peace… finding True Love form our Creator.

I am on a journey to not be content in this world, but to be content in Christ.

I am on a journey to know TRUTH as a Person… to fall at His feet… to Live the Life of Christ in and through me in my daily living.
I am on a journey to redeem the Church from being an institution to being a living organism.

I am on a journey to separate my faith from man’s vain philosophies, and imaginations.

I am on a journey to… find the Reality which is in Christ Jesus Himself and drink of the Living Waters…


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