Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sometimes I am proud (?) to be a Montanan

Sometimes I am proud (?) to be a Montanan…

In case you haven’t already heard there were some terrorists loose in America because of Montana State University Bozeman…. Now, it seems the 11 Egyptians were exchange students and may have gotten caught up in the little town of NYC after they got off the airplane.

I was slightly amused, then embarrassed over the comments that some of my fellow Montanans had to say in their blogs…

I really thought the comment by Jon was a bit… racist. I am not sure he is a Montanan.

“One of the terrorists has been found.”

He does add a link to an article that nowhere says the word that these were “terrorists” instead it says, “The missing students pose no terrorism threat, the agency said.”

Some people are a bit lazy minded if you ask me… sorry to be so blunt!

Wulfgar just runs through his post pillaging in his rant.  It is a bit rough, and sometimes he actually is a good read. Yet, often I am left thinking, “I am proud (?) to be a Montanan.”

I am glad that these students are safe. I hope that they are treated not as criminals but with respect.

BTW if one goes through the posts a bit you will find one on ole iggy here being represented in one of his not so finest moments… it was right during the “apology”… If you don’t understand just email me and I will fill you in, yet Wulfgar’s links should fill you in a bit.


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