Thursday, August 03, 2006

Some thoughts about Homosexuality

Some thoughts about Homosexuality

I find it interesting that most Christians are fixated on the "sin" of a homosexual .... And not fixated on introducing them to the PERSON of Christ Jesus....

(It is sin, yet who of us was without sin before we came to Christ, let alone who of us has stopped after one has come to Christ? To deny we sin, is to call Jesus a liar and not have the Truth in us, yet as we live in Christ, we are without sin as His blood has covered, or rather taken sin away... this is not our doing so none should boast, let alone judge someone else!)

It is like we as Christians think, “Jesus rose and then just left us...but we got this book of rules to abuse others with until He gets around to coming back”.

Gays, Lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, are no more sinners than the rest of us....

Didn't Jesus say if someone LOOKS at a woman with lust, he committed adultery? Or if someone hates someone else in his heart, he has committed murder? We are all lying thieving adulterers who murder.... every single day in our hearts, yet we seem content with bashing "those HOMOS"!

Many of the issues I see in the gay community are not about having true rights... or being "equal" but having HEALTH BENEFITS. This is a whole other issue. The real issue is when was the last time WE invited someone gay over for a friendly gesture... without an "agenda"? When was the last time we thought of them as not sinners, but loved of Jesus and/or at least our neighbors?

WE HAVE AN AGENDA...and we deceive ourselves with it. That is thinking WE CAN CHANGE SOMEONE.WE CAN'T... but JESUS can! MORE, Jesus can transform them! Jesus changed people by just hanging with them... By the power of Who He is. If we believe HE LIVES... then why are we afraid to say to someone "this is my best friend Jesus". Jesus said, "If you lift Me up I will draw all men unto me." (John 12 31-33) Gays are just people, Jesus loves people... we need to lead them to Christ not bash them with hate filled doctrine.

Get to know them as "people" and introduce them to Jesus as a friend.

Now, before someone accuses me a being soft on sin... remember this...

Romans 5: 6. You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. 7. Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous man, though for a good man someone might possibly dare to die. 8. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. 9. Since we have now been justified by his blood, how much more shall we be saved from God's wrath through him! 10. For if, when we were God's enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life! (NIV)

So, was God being soft on sin.. because he loved the sinner?



teacher said...

Followed you from Steve Camp's blog after reading the back and forth there. Had me wondering about you and wanted to see for myself. I don't necessarily disagree with all you said on Camp's blog, but I don't agree with you either in all aspects. Thought I might comment on your comment here about homosexuals. You rightly point out that we should treat them lovingly. I agree. But why the emphasis on homosexuality? Have you invited any thieves or murderers over for dinner? I guarantee that there are plenty out on parole that would love to have a warm bed and a good meal. Might this push your envelope a bit? Maybe we wouldn't want a thief sitting in our house seeing our things that could be exchanged for some quick cash. How about a child molester? Aren't they worthy of a nice dinner? After all, they have paid for their crime. That's why he's now on the street. As far as rights for homosexuals-they have the same rights as anyone. My straight son has no benefits. Why should someone get benefits by virtue of their lifestyle? My son gets no benefits because he chooses to date girls instead of men. The problem with homosexuality is that it is a sin, but no one wants to treat it as such. Even in your comments, you call it a sin, but it's obvious that you see it as just a little problem, not really worthy of our attention. Not something that God will condemn a person to Hell for. Yes, I could be condemned to Hell for my sins-I was until I repented, but that's the issue-homosexuals don't want to repent and far too many people are empowering that attitude. You seem to be. If you aren't, well, that's the way it looks. I'll stand corrected if you actually are willing to call it what it is-SIN. So long.

iggy said...

Thanks for your comments...

Yet I think the simple point you missed is that Jesus judged sin... and we are not to do that...

If we do we are claim equality with Jesus......... Are you perfect as Him?

Sin is sin is sin... no matter the label. To elevate on over another is truly an act of futility as ALL SIN LEADS TO DEATH... ALL WITHOUT JESUS DIE... ALL NEED JESUS TO LIVE...

To bash another sinner... and condemn them... is a sin... get that?

Now, there are society laws, and yes some as in the case of Child molesters and murderers and such, need to be dealt with... and surprise! I am one for the death penalty! I see though that we are reaping what we have sown in our attacking homosexuality... the backlash is in the political gospel that is coming back to haunt us.

We must never lose sight that there was abortion, murder, and thievery as well as adultery and homosexuality in Jesus day as well... and Jesus did not come to condemn the sinner, but to save them...

In reading your post I see that you seem to miss that major detail of the Gospel... So I will repeat it, Jesus did not come to condemn us but to save us... and that is our mission also... not to judge and condemn, but to save those fallen, with the Good News that Jesus has risen...

BTW I have eaten thieves and murderers... I have eaten with junkies and had coffee with those who most would not be willing in their house...

Actually I think you need to realize these are the same people that Jesus died for...

Thanks again for your comments,


iggy said...


I re-read my t=response to you and I noticed I came on a bit stronger than I meant to. Please replace the "you" with "we", which includes me! :)

I wrote the response in a hurry without really looking at what you were communicating... in that I apologize and hope that you do not take offense with my first response.... (been a busy week with a hectic schedule at work... and a family reunion to boot! LOL!

I know this forum has many limitations... and it is easy to misread... and even mistype something that can change the tone and atitude of the post... so thank you for you grace... before my response and now.

Blessings (showing the world once again why he needs a saviour!,

iggy said...

Case and point on mistyping... and making major errors!

I inadvertently said:

"BTW I have eaten thieves and murderers... I have eaten with junkies and had coffee with those who most would not be willing in their house..."

I have not eaten anyone! LOL! And I included murderers which I may have... as I have hung out with some bad characters in my life... Yet I cannot in all honesty remember actually eating with a murderer...

I again wrote in haste... And I did not mean to exaggerate or lie as to what I have and have not done... though regardless I apologize for that paragraph containing inaccurate information.

I would humbly like to resubmit that paragraph to say this!

"BTW I have eaten with thieves and (Maybe not murders at least that I recall) ... I have eaten with junkies and the homeless and had coffee with those who most would not be willing in their house..."



teacher said...

Thanks for your follow-up comments. I would have walked away from your "house" if there had only been the first comment. It came across as I have come to expect from those who defend homosexuality-not really a sin, don't condemn the sinner, who do you think you are, you're not Jesus, you can't condemn since Jesus didn't. Quite frankly, that is what I expected from you after reading your initial post. So, I do appreciate that you followed-up with a much "nicer" posting.
Since it appears that you do live your convictions, I heartily applaud you for that. So many say the things you do, but never quite get around to actually doing anything.
In reality, if we really think about Jesus' words, we have all eaten with murderers and rapists-after who hasn't thought the thoughts that Jesus said actually are the equal of the deed. Of course, I intended the comment to mean an actual murderer or rapist, etc, who is now on parole, I think you grasped that.
On the other hand, Jesus never allowed someone to continue sinning. He did say He didn't condemn the woman caught in adultery, but quit it! I have no doubt He would say the same to a present-day adulterer of any sexual orientation. It also tends to be forgotten that He never pursued the rich, young ruler. He asked a question, told the young man what he had to do and never pushed him on in any way. Jesus walked away from him, because the young man would not give up his lifestyle.
So, we must repent and be willing to follow Christ, no matter what. I agree-don't condemn, but don't let people think that continuing in sin is OK.
Carry-on, my friend, sounds like your walk is identical to your talk. If so, keep it up.

iggy said...


Thank you for allowing me to back up the truck and start afresh... I think partly it was from the second part of your comment... that might have made me go a little tougher on you than I should have.

I all sin as a major problem... as it keeps one from the LIFE of Christ if one does not repent and come to Christ... my issue is that we often give drunks and fornicators and adulterers more grace and allow them into our churches... yet keep some out as their sin is so much more henious.

I did nto want to get into the whole issue of the "gay rights" as i see that as another topic. To me it is like this...

My mother was and still is agianst the ERA (equal rights amendment) as she saw that as a woman, she was losing more of her rights to be equal. IOW, she saw that as a woman she already had many rights that men did not have, and if this passed, she was losing more right and she also did nto want to be equal with a man... I think she was happy to be a woman!

Gay rights is not about "marriage" as it is about health benifits. Personally I think we should ALL have a right to health benifits... even you hetero son! I may be a bit of a socialist on health care (though i see places like Canada that has some major short comings in that area, yet I see that America is more interested in makin money than helping the poor get the treatment all deserve in our nation. It is sad that if i went to prision, I would have a better dental plan than I do now... and I pay for my own!

I don't care if gays get a legal document that lets them get healt care... and as far as marriage, they will never be married in the eyes of God... no matter if it is done in a Church and with tons of prayer as that is not what God intended from the first.

My concern is the mentality, that carries on not only with gays, but also like a fairly recent event in our town here...

A young woman became pregnant out of wedlock, and went to her church for help... she was told to leave as she was a sinner! Now, every time I tell this story, someone comes back and says, "did she repent?" I do not know, but either way... how could the baby she was carrying "repent"? That child was important and that child was cast out of the church also.

I see that we are called to love our neighbor... that includes those who are "unclean" by our standards today. In that, we are to care for those and love them and show kindess, which is all in hopes to share the love of God... unconditionally. In that we hope for them to respond to God's kindness and repent and come to Him for Life.

Often we are too worried in how we look to the world, I think we need to get a little dirty (don't take that in a impure manner) and reach out to those who need Jesus and not fear that others will judge us for doing it....

We should model ourselves after Jesus, who sat with sinners, prostitutes and tax collectors... In that just as Jesus change those around Him by His very presence, we too can be like Christ and people will be change by Christ's presence in us.

Thank you for you comments...


iggy said...

Also i appreciate your comment on the rich young ruler... I agree.

The ones I am talking about though are those who are sincerly seeking God... We need to have more faith in the holy Spirit to lead some out of the sin they are in... and graciously love them...

Also, we all have our "ones we can't tolerate". I have mine and was confronted with it in a real way a few years back... I had a friend who was having marriage problems and later was arrested as he was caught in a sting where he was going to meet a 12 year old girl at a motel. His own children were that age.

This hurt very much as I loved him as a brother... I never went to visit him. I still am praying that I can one day, maybe talk to him.

In that I know no one is perfect, and that we all have areas we are to work on. I just see that most of the "anti" rhetoric is not Biblical, but politcal and this is becoming intertwined with our faith to the point that Jesus is a right wing conservitive republican... and I think that is not even close... He was only concerned for His Fathers business, not some man made poitical agenda that casts some as devils and unacceptable to God... He came to save us not condemn us.