Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sadder still...

Because of people like Ben this blog will for a time be moderated just like the accusers of the brethren blogs do like Sl!ce of LAyoddahseeya and Mr. Perkins blogs... I may if one is gracious let it through, yet I will not let hate be preached on this blog, for unlike people like Ben...

I do not believe hate is a Christian value.

Again, Ben... Be a man and make your own blog... In that say what you want... Spill the hate... I will even do a post to direct people to it! I just believe you can't back up your accusations. At least without twisting them is some way other than what was said.

You see, if you bothered to actually converse, you would have found that their are liberals, and conservatives and moderates in emerging thought (as I call it). Emergent is very conservative... To the point it is mostly Evangelical and some Calvinistic in their theology... Both of those you have slandered in your ignorance. In talking to them the only difference you would see is that they put their faith to action!

Yes, some may think what you have claimed yet, the majority do not... Surprise! If you would stop you tirade against and really took the time, you would have found we are people... Like you, well, except without the hate... And a little more well read. For instance, I am probably much more conservative than you!!!! I think Rush Limbah is a sell out to the Rep party... And that clouds his conservative view... That he has really lost touch with the people... That he has created his own upscale Rio Linda... I am personally an O'Reilly guy... No spin!

You have accused me of pushing Brian McLaren. I do have links and think he has many good things to say... If you bothered to ever read for youself you might actually see he does nt say much that is atributed to him. He even seems to hold a higher standard on human sexuality than you seem to think. He questions why it is alright that some churches let heterosexuals who are not married be active in churches yet we seem to "hate" homosexuals and seem to not care thta they to were loved by God and that being Christ died for them... Yet, people like you seem content in letting these people go to hell and seem happy about it as they go!

Yet, I do not agree with Brian on every point. I do however think he inspires thought and even sets out challenges, which to me set me to dig deeper into my faith... For you see I have a God big enough to handle challenges. I do however quote scripture and teach the exchanged life as much as I can. Yet, all you see is a little green button that says Emergent and get enraged.

Also, I have come in contact with people where using your style and approach only makes them run away from God... In fact many are recovering from abusive people like you! In that I have decided to reach out to the hurting, and lift them back on the path... To rise above abuse to be able to see Christ in spite of people who seem more interested in being right that they are blind to those they send to hell!

Really, all you have done is alienated people from you and those who think like you and from God... Not once in our dialog did you lift Christ up... Only yourself and your view of truth... Which is cold and lifeless. It is not Christ centered... but only set on a bunch of propositions you have strung together... and just like the pharasees, look in the scripture for life, and can't find it... because it is Christ Jesus you are looking for... and without Jesus indwelling you, you cannot understand what you read.

I have found that there is more intelligence and a deeper searching of Christ than what you have represented... You see I was where you are once... But Grace found me. I surrendered to Christ and have not looked back. I used to depend on MY KEEPING PERFECT DOCTRINE... And found I could not, but Jesus did... And I trust in the finished work of Christ.

So, now I add one more quote to your collection...

I have taken on littler men that you... And won.

By the way... I guess this must be close to home as you seemed to yelp very loudly, are you sure you are not a closet emergant?

Go in peace! Serve your god.


Hugo said...

Many prayers, from one heretic to another! :-)

Blessings & Peace,

MrBigPappa said...

Well said Iggy!
I have been amazed at all of this. It has blown my mind to see how religion has turned on it's self this way. I call it religion because I can't in good conscience call it the church. Now there are people in this religious system who are indeed part of the church but most main stream denominations miss the point that Christ is the church not their sect that they choose to affiliate with. Jesus Christ is the church anything you add to that as a requirement for it to be the church is a lie. I have a real radical thing to say to everyone out there, I know it is a little out there, but here it goes, who cares what Brian McLaren thinks? Who cares what slice of laodicea thinks? Who cares what Rob Bell thinks? Who cares what Billy Graham thinks? Who cares what Iggy thinks? Who cares what Eric St.Clair (me) thinks? What is God telling you? Maybe if the religious world would stop spending so much time looking at others and spent more time looking for intimacy with Christ then the world would truly experience revival. It reminds me of the band Petra back in the day when all of the religious people were looking for backward masking in all of the music of that day. Petra put a backward masking message on their album that simply stated "Why you looking for the devil when you should be looking for the Lord?" So I will ask it to all the mainstream religious people out there again today. WHY ARE YOU LOOKING FOR THE DEVIL INSTEAD OF LOOKING FOR GOD? My prayer is that you will concentrate on finding intimacy with Him and finding what it is to truly live like Christ. I know I am not there yet.

iggy said...


It is funny, (used loosly here) that all those people you mentioned... including you and me, all say, don't jus tlisten to us, but push in deeper to Christ!

Yet, someone will condemn Brian McLaren, who may just as well be as screwed up as Billy Graham and you and me for we are all just mere men...

It is sad that so many want to be righteous in their own eyes yet to be that one must be perfect as our Father in heaven is... isn't that what Jesus said? Yet, someone will condemn another, casting stones and be so sure that their pet doctrines are the ones that are right... but who but Christ Himself can make that claim? Scripture says in 1 John that If we say we are without sin, the truth is not in us... to me to say. "I have perfect doctrine." is to deny one's own sinful nature...

If doctrine is what saves us, then it must be perfect and if one part is missing or wrong... then you are in sin and must pay the price which is death...

That is why I preach Christ and Christ alone... doctrine is about growing, and learning to Live the Life of Christ in us... not being right in our own eyes.

That is why I admire people like you who have put legs and flesh to their doctrine and are out living what they believe... in the power of Christ's Spirit...