Friday, July 14, 2006

Lifting up out of the mire

Lifting up out of the mire.

I have been putting a lot of thought in this idea of moderating my blog… It just kills me a bit to admit that I have in some ways been casting pearls before swine. In this day and age one must realize that we often have no idea who we are talking to online. They could be anyone, or someone who hides behind anonymity of the web. I have chosen for whatever reason to lay it all out there… warts and all. With that though I have found that I must protect not only myself, but also the precious gift of teaching that God has entrusted me with.

I have decided that moderating is a good thing as it will allow me to streamline those who want legitimate conversation versus those who have only the desire to drag me into the quagmire of argumentative debates and name calling. I am not saying I am not letting someone who disagrees with me through, or thinks I am wrong even. It will be more in the fashion of how they approach this blog with their comments. I have no desire to attack the person. I will still fight against what I see as error and distortion of the purity of the truth that is in scripture.

In a conversation, one does not attack the character or person themselves, they may challenge the statements or ask for clarity, yet to attack someone without even knowing them is really foolish… I will not be part of that on a personal level.

If I do sound the alarm on a false teaching… and it hits you in some way… I implore you to check your own heart before you come after me. Again, if you come with hate at me I will just add you to my prayer list and you will to have no voice here.

It is my hope as it was from the beginning that one might gain from my journey and that God can use even a fool like me to show His glory. I never assume I am never wrong. I am amazed when I am even remotely right! I will be depending more on Christ for grace in my writings and in my approach for seekers of Truth…


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