Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Grace versus Being Right and Whose Stream is Higher Against the Barn , Yet All is Well!

Grace versus Being Right and Whose Stream is Higher Against the Barn, Yet All is Well!

The last few days have had some interesting things happening in the Blog sphere.

  1. Brian McLaren writes the clearest view about homosexuality yet!
  2. Mark Driscoll uses sarcasm and systematic theology in rebuttal.
  3. Punk Monkey is “tired of pissing contests”.
  4. Andrews wants us to know that everyone is “still friends”.
  5. Brian returns to clarify and suggest a better title “finding a pastoral response”

Now, what does iggy have to say on this?

I don’t know Brian, or Mark. I have talked to Punk Monkey (John O’Keefe) and he really was the one (besides New Kind of Christian by BM) that sent me on my way into postmodern/emergent thought/movement.

In the past I wrote about history repeating itself. As we begin to define ourselves as a movement, people will rise and either be appointed, or appoint themselves. Brian in my mind represents Grace. In his own words; “finding a pastoral response,” I agree. One should not paint every situation with a broad brush. We are to use wisdom… and depend on the Holy Spirit to “read” each situation and give the best response to it in grace and wisdom and love all wrapped in truth. Often some just “jump in” and rant about their view and slant on the Bible or the system they embrace and lose the ability to actually “pastor” a person in need.

The Bible defines Homosexuality as a sin… as it does gossip… (Uhemm), and lying, and adultery and abusive heterosexual relationships. Yet, the same grace that seems to cover gluttony, adultery, divorce, gossip, and on and on, seems to somehow stop at homosexuals. Saying this I am not pro gay or lesbian… as I am not pro abusive heterosexual relationships or someone being a sloth.

The answer is and has always been a personal interactive relationship with the Living Christ, Jesus Himself. To live in total dependency on Jesus for in this we no longer identify with our former self and are pressing on to maturity in the faith being grown by God Himself to the salvation of our souls FOR HIS NAME SAKE!

So to me “being right” has so much downside… because, what if in the end… you’re wrong! Then what?

On a personal level I am embarrassed, yet amused, ashamed, yet ROTFLMBO (edited for family). I really do not care who will be appointed to be top dog. I do lean against those who are Calvinist in bent as I see this, as cutting against the grain of what emergent is all about. (Yes, I hold a grudge that Acts29.com would not even consider me for support of my church plant… because I am too unconventional, and not Calvinist enough… it was not my fault that “Steve” could not reconcile eternal security and free will…. Maybe he needs to be better read… I recommend some Irenaeus… Polycarp and Ignatius. Then Calvin will seem like drivel and bad theology).

Ok, back to the topic.

These are great teachers and thinkers… I pray that as they aim at the barn the wind comes up and baptizes them both with true humility… if that happens, then I don’t care who leads… as long as he/she is humble and teachable and lead by the holy Spirit.



Daniel Partin said...

While I agree that we must approach, any situation with love, we must also know what the Bible says and be able to communicate it properly (always in love). On some things we can agree to disagree, but some things require us to "be right".

Unknown said...

I disagree... big time.

and i am right about this!!!!! he he.

We are called to bow to Jesus and say we are wrong and He is Right...

Before anyone can know truth and He who is truly RIGHT then we must know Jesus. In depending on Him we find He is Right. We cannot trust in ourself at all for that is the flesh and works. As the Bible teaches works will not get us into the Kingdom...nor can we maintain our position in the Kingdom by works..but only by being placed in Christ and abiding in Him like when Adam was placed in the Garden in Genesis and abided in the Garden can one be saved. That was the shadow, Jesus is the reality.

Too many trust in the preceived "righteousness" of the shadow, when all along the shadow was meant to show Jesus and His righteousness.

My life is His... He is always Right, I am His and apart from Him i am always wrong.