Monday, January 23, 2006

Good Coffee, Good Thoughts and a Lousy T-Shirt

Good Coffee and Good Thoughts and a Lousy T-Shirt

I just read a bit from mmmm, “that’s good coffee”, Rick Stillwell’s blog. He was talking about sharing Jesus. This was brought up from a post on Dan Kimball’s blog about a young man who was wearing a t-shirt that was, well you can read it here. You can read part 2 here.

In my life I really do not confront people with Jesus in any way other than live my life… and letting people know that I am a Christian. I then live my life as best I can with Christ in control. I am not perfect… and when I share, that is what I say is the first step… admitting we are imperfect and that is our job, while God’s job is to be perfect. I say we are redeemed fallen creatures that need the Grace and love of a perfect God. As I live my life I make mistakes, and then make sure I go back and apologize and admit my faults to those around me…. Admittedly this is not easy at all.

The closest thing that I do to what the man at the airport was doing is to hand out post cards that invite people to the Fellowship I am attempting to grow. (Most people would say “Church Plant”, I think Jesus already planted His Church and any church I would plant would have a bunch of vegetables in it.) = )

So, the question is, what do you do in sharing Jesus? If you are a pastor, what do you do to find the people for your … local fellowship?


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leviathen said...

i totally agree. I call it "Life Modeling". It seems to be the way that Jesus built his church.

I mean you can look at the Sermon's he taught and say "well see, he was out "evagelizing" but it seems to me that he was in a society that held high regard for any "Rabbi" so that seemed to be A way to call his people to repentence. Isreal had a long history of prophets calling their nation to repentnce.

Yet, the real, long lasting, depth comes from his one on one realtionship with his disciples. To the fact that at his death, the "church" was effectively less than 100 people. And yet it was grown to an unimaginable scale.

It just seems to me, contexually, that our society is so different. The "church" has abused its right to assume it can just use words to convince people. It must be called to action. To life action.

I love the old addage "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care". Seems to fit.