Friday, January 20, 2006

Exactly 2 Years Ago

Exactly 2 Years Ago Today.

It was exactly two years ago today my boy Fischer entered this world…Suction cup on his head, a bit blue with the umbilical cord around his neck and covered with meconium… but alive and beautiful. He began losing weight and as the days progressed we became rather scared as to what to do. We put him on formula, and prayed and watched as Fischer seem to just lose more weight. Plain and simple we were scared.

I hit every prayer chain I knew and some I never probably would have… A good friend in Arizona set up a time that all our pastor friends across America would be in prayer with us with phone in hand, anointing Fischer with oil, and praying.

Fischer began eating almost right away… it was a new found appetite. He began to gain weight… our fear was gone and God was faithful.

Fischer is two years old today. He is my mini-me. He is beautiful and healthy.


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