Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Jesus the Action Figure

Jesus action figure Posted by Hello

I can see it now... Jesus has accessories.

Jesus Crucified for you accessories:
1 A Cross pre drilled holes (hammer and nails included)
2 Set of pre-nail-hole hands, for that better cross grip...feet also are available.
3 Hole in side with piercing spear (See Jesus Heart spill blood and water).
4 Crown of thorns with REAL fake blood of Christ.
5 Cat of nine for Roman guard figure....
6 removable flesh on chest and back.
7 anointing oil to prepare Jesus for burial
8. The tomb... (Like Barbie’s dream house but with less material things in it). Stone door ROLLS away!
9 Roman guards that transform into Angels!
10 the ascension... Rocket attachments where you can be GOD. You light the rocket and Jesus rises up to heaven...(Not recommended for children under the age of accountability)



Larry said...

If your sanity was suspect, it's not anymore. :)

iggy said...

LOL! (with an insane overtone)


Hugo said...

lol! :-) My brother gave me somethng similar he found in a novelty store. Mine is better, though - he's got "Realistic Gliding Action!" His legs don't move under the robe, and they've got little sheels along the bottom, so the figure's got that "holier than thou" glide.

I win! :-)

Blessings & Peace,