Monday, April 18, 2005

Jesus Goes to Church pt.1

Jesus Went To Church

One day Jesus decided to go to Church. He was excited at what He would share and to hear the stories of His Father and how His Spirit had given new life.

Jesus was humble.

He looked in the mirror. No He was not a Brad Pit, yet He had that certain “something”
That God’s Only Begotten would have.
He oiled His hair so it would look nice and went to fetch His donkey.
The day was beautiful…. He thanked the Father for such a day. As He rode up to the church, people began to stare. “Who is that?” some said, “Where is He going to put that filthy beast?!!!” others said.

Though Jesus heard them he thought they must be having a bad day…. It is good they came to His Fathers house.

Jesus looked for a good seat…. He did not want to miss a thing. He sat close to the front. As He was looking around a little old lady poked Him with her cane and loudly said, “ You’re in my seat!!!!!. Move!”

Jesus smiled and graciously found another seat.

The people seemed all a buzz about Jesus coming to church. Jesus had much to tell them… He was so excited.

The preacher stepped up to the pulpit…and asked if any one had something to share or if they felt God wanted them to share with the church…. He was a progressive preacher…. Even a bit too modern for some in the church.

Jesus rose and stepped up to the microphone.

With eternal fire in His eyes He started to speak…..
But before He could, someone yelled “Why is he wearing a dress?”
Someone else shouted,” It’s not a dress, it’s a robe!.” Everyone laughed.
Jesus started again, “Blessed is…” only to be cut short by
“Is he a Mexican?”
Again someone much more learned shouted, “No, he looks like a Jew!”

The whole church shouted….”A JEW?!!!”

Jesus smiled and began again, "Blessed, is the"….

“He needs to get out of that robe and wash his hair! He smells of donkey and HIS SKIN IS TOO DARK! He needs to go to his own kind’s church!”

The preacher said, “Son, you better go. We don’t need any trouble here in church.”

Jesus looked at him and the smile left his face. He opened His mouth again, but the Preacher said, "Besides, you don’t seem to have much to say any way, so leave.”

Jesus walked to the door of the church….

Outside the sunshine hit His face…


Jesus wept.


Hugo said...

I like :-)

Reminds me of a similar story I read once (with a Catholic bent, of course) (this is a rough paraphrase - don't remember it exactly anymore):

A young man goes to the bishop of a diocese and complains: There's a man making the rounds of all the churches and teaching some really wierd things: he says we don't have to go to church on Sundays, don't have to confess to priests, don't have to follow every church law, have to forgive and love everyone, must give away our stuff, do not have to listen to the bishop, etc.

After going throught the whole litany, the bishop demands to know the name of the person who is preaching all of these false things.

The young man responds: Jesus.

Enjoy! :-)

Blessings & Peace,

Unknown said...

I sorta remember a story of a hippy that goes to church.... and is kicked out...
It was a comic book... it was aboutthe time of the cross and the switchblade came out....70's stuff.

This is more or less a response to the story of the girl and and legalists on The Occasional Opinion by Larry Mouser

I will post pt 2 maybe next week...