Tuesday, April 05, 2005


There are some great thoughts on JP's Blog today. I tend to write some of my better stuff on other people's blogs. Today I decided to respond here.
I got baby fever. I have a one year old boy, Fischer and another little girl on the way. So.... as a father I had this thought....
When Jesus was a baby someone had to change His diapers....Right? He was a baby...So there was poop. I am not meaning to be blasphemous... God became a man. God, the creator of all things.... became a man. Just like one of us! Believe me I have met some "spiritual" people... Some good and some bad. But, this is the equalizer of all mankind... A trip to the toitee.
Jesus, was the example for us. He not only ministered to the lepers... but touched them. He then made them clean by His touch, so he remained clean Himself. Now, we are His Body... We are His hands and feet. We are to go and touch those that no one wants... The ones just like you and me.
Getting back to poop. Have you ever thought of the ministry of diaper changing... Not just at your church, but the actual job itself.To have a child so helpless that someone needs to care enough to clean up the filth the baby had created. I see God doing that to me everyday... Often without my even knowing it. That is His Grace. He reaches out to us and cleanse us from the poop we create in our life. I know I get tired of diaper duty. It seems to never end, but I will do it because I love my child. We are the children of God... How much more does He love us?

If you think this post stunk I apologize...


Larry said...

Wow! Now that I'm breathing normal again and no longer gagging; you made some good points :)

God loves us in spite of our messy and screwed-up lives, and we daily receive blessings we don't deserve.

JP said...

Love the example you use...funny stuff. It makes a lot more sense and its more understandable when you are a Dad yourself, I like looking at God as being my ultimate provider, my ultimate "Dad"....I will reflect on this, thanks iggy.

iggy said...

Thanks Guys... I was a little worried someone would be offended with all the potty humor.

I have a technical issue here... do the links "Fischer" and "baby girl" work? My wife said they didn't on her computer at work... they work here at home for me... so?


Larry said...

Both your links lead to "page cannot be displayed" pages.

Should have mentioned that in my first comment, sorry about that!

iggy said...

Well I think I found another solution.

Rick said...

i keep getting hung up on the idea of mary piling Jesus and the diaper bags into the minivan for a "quick" trip to the mall - making sure He was buckeld into the carseat, checking the "Savior onboard" thingy hanging in the back window.

Hugo said...

Whenever I mention in my classes that Jesus had to have used the restroom as an adult and that he would've been like any other child (messy at times, stinky, needing to be changed, etc.) I usually get wierd looks from adults. However, kids & teens seem to really like the idea - it makes him more human and places him more on their level . . thanks for the post! :-)

Blessings & Peace,

leviathen said...

hey man

everybody poops! woohoo!