Saturday, September 05, 2009

Pastor promotes killing gays.

Methodology without love is not the Gospel.
It is sad when the “sinner” shows more love for others than the pastor.
Note the logic from the pastor… where have you all heard this sort of logic before? I have... from the ODM's who claim to be above the higher Law of Love.
This pastor’s method is not of love… not of God… and is spreading a gospel of hate and fear through judgmentalism and condemnation…
And this is what I hear the ODM’s doing… maybe a milder form of it… but deep down it is all the same hate based gospel. Personally I am saddened... and want to apologize to the GLBT community for so called Christians like this and what they say. Hate is not a Christian virtue...

Thanks to Existential Punk for pointing this out.


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shallowfrozenwater said...

this is just profoundly sad. i can't believe people use my Lord's name for such hate.